From 'Pillar' to 'Post', Khadi flags finally replace plastic ones

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Bangalore, Aug 14: The beginning of a pledge to make India a better place began here in the small town of Belgaum in Bangalore, which is churning out yards of Khadi flag. As it is flag makers earn their share for the year during this time, but there has been a sudden surge in the production of Khadi flags, showing a ray of hope to the khadi flag makers.

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"This has been possible because the government has banned plastic from the market, otherwise nobody bought it as it is more expensive than plastic," said one flag maker.

Call it government regulation or the mind set of the people, one can see a change while travelling through the alleys of Bangalore. A host of local vendors can be seen selling Khadi flags only, nothing else. In fact, if it is not Khadi, it is plain cloth but not plastic.

Snigdha, a software professional says,"I believe, it is our responsibility to take the country's cause in our hands. The government has been trying to do its best, imposing fines and issuing punishments to people who use plastics. But, in a country with a population of above 1 billion, it is impossible to execute such regulations. Hence, it is the duty of common man to help the government make the country a better and cleaner place. Khadi flags are a sign that time is changing and so are people."

As far as the khadi flag weavers are concerned, they are hopeful that the dawn of independence would bring hopes for the industry in the near future.

"We are expecting the sale to rise few days prior to August 15. Last year, government banned plastic flags and hence this year we are expecting more demand for khadi flags. We have ordered more flags ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 2,000 this year," said Sajith V Vatare of the Belgaum District Khadi Gramodyog Sangh.

Running toward freedom

Children run with flags at a parade ground

Skating masters

Children carry the National Flag and skate around in the city, a day prior to the Independence Day.

The dance of freedom

Children jumping theatrically with National flags present a very appealing picture.

waving with pride

Children running with the Indian National flag waving high.

The making of the Indian flag

Flag manufacturers work day and night to meet the demand for flags.

Having fun

Children from a village having fun in the fields, but the national flag flutters high.

Indian Flag

Indian Flag

Flag in the making

A craftsman gives finishing touches to the Indian flag, a couple of days before the Independence Day.

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