Durga suspension: Bhati 'rap' puts Akhilesh's defence in fix

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Bangalore, Aug 2: Political scum gets murkier as we go deeper into it. But, it has come out in the open all by itself in the Durga Suspension case. To add to the shame is the unfazed claims of the 'honourable' Chief Minister of UP-Akhilesh Yadav, who continues to justify his stance of suspending IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal.

It is rather surprising how the SP supremo still rants things like "She took steps that had to be punished. The government was correct to remove her." Really sir? remember the "steps" that you have been taking till now! what should be done with you? That too after we get to know that your 'esteemed' party might have connections with the sand mafia?!


We do not like to make false allegations on anyone, but its the media reports and Narendra Bhati himself as he adds to the debate of your credibility of removing an honest officer. (For the readers) SP leader Narendra Bhati has claimed that it was he who got the Sub-Divisional Magistrate Durga Shakti Nagpal removed from the post...in just 40 minutes.

It is not us again...sir...do not misunderstand us, but a video clipping that is taking rounds of the internet. Here, one can clearly see the SP leader addressing a gathering of supporters in Greater Noida where he claims about his 'heroic' feat.

He, however, does not forget to thank the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav for their "support" and "cooperation" (he is not that thankless afterall!).

Let me remind the readers how, why, and what happened in the entire episode. The junior IAS officer, 28 years old and honest, has been fighting the sand-mafia in the six months of her tenure here. She seized about 30 trolleys of illegaly-mined sand and has slapped fines of Rs 2 crore against those responsible.

She paid the price of being honest after a few months when the party supremos found a scope to avenge their grave (monetary) 'loss'. As complaints of illegal construction at Kadalpur village reached the Lucknow office, she was ordered to look into the matter and resolve it amicably. And it happened so as she simply told the villagers that they would need a permission to build a religious building at a government site. As a response, the villagers brought down the wall themselves.

Agreeing to the fact is the District Magistrate, who has investigated the matter himself with crucial information from the local police and the administrative officials.

Oh come on Akhilji! be a sport...even the so-called 'not-so-educated', 'simple' villagers understand what law and order is; you in your 'esteemed' position could show some respect too, eh?

And please ask your friend Naresh Agarwal to stop making such comments. He seems to have no compunction over Durga's case. Otherwise how could he say,"These sort of officers like to make it out as if they are very honest and politicians are corrupt. She deserves harsher action." Ouch! it hurt.

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