Take care before you use the noose: Upset PM

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was reportedly unhappy with the home ministry for the latter did not follow routine procedures like informing the family of Azfal Guru, convicted in the 2001 Parliament attack, before he was hanged last Saturday. The PM felt the situation could have been handled better.

How would a conversation between an upset PM and happy Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde (for he is on a hat-trick now) over the matter look like? OneIndia attempts an imagination.


PM: Why Shinde? Why? Why?

HM (with a smile on): Not why Sir. Ask when. I know you are eager to see me completing the hat-trick right? Don't worry Sir. Got two (Kasab, Guru) in such a short period. The third will be a matter of time. Just.

PM (whispering): Shut up. Do you think I am cracking jokes with you? Should I tell Sonia ji that you are not hearing her properly?

HM (taken aback): No... no. When did I do that? I always carry out her orders without a second thought. Why did you say that I am not hearing her? She is not here.

PM: I know she is not here. I am her representative. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that why didn't your ministry bother to inform the family of Guru? I mean Afzal Guru (after all there are more important gurus in the world), before his hanging? Don't you people have a human heart?

HM: But we informed Sir. We had dispatched the information by speed post?

PM: Before or after his hanging?

HM: After... err... err... the evening before. We thought it will reach them by early Saturday morning, by 8 am.

PM (amazed): You mean when he was taken to the gallows...

HM (again smiling): Yes Sir. We ensured that his family get the live information.

PM: And when did it reach eventually?

HM: Hmm... I think on Monday, two days after the hanging took place.

PM (looking angry): Are you joking with me Mr Home Minister? If it is so, let me be very clear that I am not in such a mood.

HM: No... no Sir. Apologies (looking around to see if any BJP leader is there around). I am not joking, either. What we thought that the speed post will be speedy.

PM: This is very saddening. We aspire to become a major power in the world but are still banking on speed posts to send a highly important piece of information. Wasn't there quicker means? Internet or mobile?

HM: The Internet in the Valley was supposed to be down and I did not have the required numbers. Hence the speed post.

PM (covering his face in disbelief): Oh My God. Forget it Mr Shinde. But remember that we should also take care of some basic human parameters even while taking strong decisions. I am very upset with the fact that Afzal Guru's family wasn't given a chance to meet him for the last time.

HM: Forget it, Sir. Who is bothered? I am happy that we showed the BJP that we are not soft on terror. They were trying to corner me with something I said in a haste.

PM: Stop it, Mr Shinde. Politics is not always the end word. Whatever the opposition says or not, you have a duty to carry out as a member of the government. Please abide by it. I feel make a mess of your priorities always.

HM: But how did you know that Afzal's family was not informed?

PM: I am the PM, Mr Shinde.

HM: I know Sir. But sometimes, I see you come to know about things through TV or some other sources. That's why I asked.

PM: This time, I was awake early in the morning. So didn't miss the news. Anyways, keep this in mind in future while you use the noose.

HM (elated): Sure, Mr PM. I am just looking for my next scalp. Will be completing the hat-trick soon and make a world record.

Shinde left. The bamboozled PM kept on staring at his trail.

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