Akhilesh now wants DM suspended; How about the Central Services?

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Akhilesh Yadav
Bangalore, Aug 2: The politicians love for power and their probable connections with the mafia is tumbling out like an open Pandora's box. Though Narendra Bhati (remember him?) alleges that the media has concocted his opinion, things have become clearer when he wants the DM suspended.

Well, this move was expected since the DM's report was not according to his liking and when Akhilesh had insisted that depending on the DM's report alone is not enough and that other sources should be tapped as well.

A request sir..could you please explain what 'exactly' did you mean by "other sources"? the local goons or the ones hired by the sand-mafia? Akhilesh, we believe, wishes to take over the entire system himself. Otherwise, why would he warn the IAS officers staging a protest against Durga's suspension that they should be thankful that they can at least speak now, unlike the Mayawati era. Of course, they should be grateful to you for letting them 'speak', isn't it Sire?

Our suggestion to you, why not dissolve the Central Services too? Afterall they are responsible for all the 'disturbances' in your illegal...oops legal activities. By the way, is there anything else that you would like?

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