Manmohan, Rahul unfit for PM post! What about Sonia?

Written by: Nairita Das
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New Delhi, Aug 30: The politics in New Delhi is changing day by day. The Congress has started following the rule - offence is the best form of defence, led by its president Sonia Gandhi. The party leaders have already started attacking the opposition party - Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

It was Mrs Gandhi who broke the silence first and ordered her party members to come out from their shell to defend themselves against the criticism of the BJP members. Citing the present change and transformation in the attitude of the Congress president, it seems that it would be none other than Mrs Gandhi who will contest in the Lok Sabha election which is expected to be held in 2014.

Sonia Gandhi

All confusions and controversies began when the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submitted its report on coal blocks allocation between 2005 to 2009. The CAG, in its report, says that the coal blocks allocation under the then Union Coal Minister Manmohan Singh led to a loss of Rs 1.86 lakh crore for the national exchequer.

Receiving the CAG report, BJP created ruckus in the Parliament saying that it will not allow the Houses to continue its functions until and unless the Prime Minister resigns from his post.

Though Congress party has been showing its support to the PM, a shocking statement from a Samajwadi Party leader told a completely different story.

According to the Samajwadi Party leader, many Congress leaders want to replace Manmohan Singh with the Gandhi family scion Rahul Gandhi.

Mohan Singh claimed that few congress leaders, taking advantage of the protest, are conspiring against him. However, Congress spokesperson rubbished Mohan Singh's statement.

Rahul Gandhi had recently expressed his desire to take a bigger responsibility in the government but his poor performance during the Uttar Pradesh assembly election in 2012 clearly disappointed the party members. The election results proved that the aam-aadmi (common man) are not yet ready to accept Rahul Gandhi as their leader.

While Manmohan Singh has been facing the criticism, Rahul Gandhi remains in his own kingdom. Many asked questions about his absence when Assam was burning. Rahul did not give any statement when the country experienced grave issues such as - North-East exodus, drought like situation, economic doldrums, riots in Assam.

While the inaction of the young 42-year-old leader disappointed the Indians, 66-year-old Sonia Gandhi suddenly caught all attention and her style of work somehow impressed many.

Mrs Gandhi visited Assam and assured the victims of the riots. She personally interacted with the refugees who took shelter in several relief camps in the state. The Congress President also issued statement to assure the people from North-East of India about their safety in their own country.

When it comes on her party, she shocked many after showing the furious side of her nature for the first time. Veteran BJP leader LK Advani became the first victim who was forced to withdraw his statement as the Congress president was upset.

Mrs Gandhi lost her cool following Advani's statement in the House where he called UPA government "illegitimate". While addressing the Assam violence, the BJP leader hurled the dashing statement against the UPA government.

Later, when another BJP leader Sushma Swaraj accused Congress leaders of looting "mota-maal (huge amount of money)" over coal scam, Mrs Gandhi thundered again. This time Mrs Gandhi in an out and out defensive approach has lambasted the BJP's moves to create ruckus over the issue.

Asking party men to unite against the Opposition, the Congress President stated, "We have nothing to be defensive about. Let us fight united and stand up." She also said, "We need to fight the intemperate criticism and negative politics of BJP."

Amid this present scenario, it can be assumed that Mrs Gandhi can become the prime ministerial candidate for UPA in the upcoming 2014 election as neither Rahul Gandhi and nor any other leader has impressed the country with such efforts.

However, many people still think that Mrs Gandhi should not become the prime minister of the country as she is an Italian. Many people hurled many strong allegations against her. But criticism and opposition are the parts of all leaders' lives. It should not be shocking for the Indians if she indeed contest in the Lok Sabha poll in 2014 and becomes the PM.

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