It's time we get rid of our politicians' destructive love

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How long will this continue? I mean the tragic circus staged daily at the Parliament, hailed as the home of the world's largest democracy. Is this how a democracy function? As a citizen of the country, I feel appalled by to see how some people belonging to a loathsome class called 'political' are taking the nation for a ride. The whole day we see the Parliament being reduced into a sham and in the night, the fourth estate takes over the responsibility of post-mortem. The same lot of politicians are called up in news channels and they engage with each other in hollow discussions that speak of nothing but mudslinging.

Who is responsible for this pathetic situation today? It is nobody but us, the citizens of the so-called vibrant democracy. The standard of our public representatives and their conduct have not only become utterly disappointing but even careless for they know that whatever they do, it is just a matter of time to find the exit route. The elections will come and these bunches of worthless people will shamelessly propagate what all they have done in life and what they aspire to do more! The gullible and mostly unaware citizens of the country will prefer their respective leaders and once the elections are settled, it will be the same old story run again!


This vicious cycle must be stopped. I know India is a typical post-colonial state although it had some traditional advantages over other states belonging to the same category by means of a superior political democracy. But if the keepers of the political democracy stifle it in this manner everyday, I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow.

We are celebrating the death of a petty, misguided youth called Ajmal Kasab who had carried out a bloodsport in Mumbai in 2008. We are now going overboard to hang another convict called Afzal Guru (hanging is turning into a sport for sadist pleasure for us?) for he was behind the dreaded terror attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001.

If Aseem Trivedi is wrong, then all these politicians are guilty

If we are so worried about the sanctity of the Parliament as a democratic institution, then why are we so surprisingly tolerant when it comes to those who are regularly humiliating that democratic institution? Why does the hypocrisy ooze out when the dissatisfied mind of a young cartoonist Aseem Trivedi vents out his anger against this hopelessness that our system of people's rule generates everyday? The media slams people like Trivedi but only chides the politicians who are even worse and create dissenters among the angry and frustrated common people.

Parliamentarians are engaging in foolish manner... why?

What is even more pathetic is that the current breed of politicians, irrespective of their parties, have been fighting in the House by making a mockery of the democratic ideals, principles and also the institutions.

The mercurial Mamata Banerjee is making a no-confidence motion to show her 'moral superiority' above all others knowing very well that it will be a no show. And when it really falls flat, she starts bashing up others saying they are all helping the corrupt government. A politics of non-sense being played out by irresponsible politicians.

Then we have the eternal battle of one-upmanship between the Congress and the BJP. A mirror image of each other, both these political outfits are equally corrupt and immoral with minimal regard for democratic standards. Senior leaders are quarrelling on who's superior? The Government or the Parliament? If they are so confused about such issues, then they should at once quit the Parliament and get admitted to some civic lesson classes. The members of the Houses are creating ruckus over every other issue, abusing others, not allowing discussions on matters that need urgent addressing.

I think these people are not only selfish but also they do not have the minimum understanding of real issues. It is high time they get rid of all the destructive love they have for the countrymen and jump into the Arabian Sea. The country needs a breather.

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