Battle of words - Kejriwal and Digvijay using same tactic?

By: Anita Nair
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Arvind Kejriwal, the popular face of the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare has been grabbing media headlines because of his controversial statements which bear an uncanny resemblance to those of AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh. The latter was highlighted by the media for his contentious comments a while ago. In spite of the fact that both men are from different outfits, one cannot but help wonder if the whole 'going verbally ballistic over various issues' is carefully planned to hog the headlines.

Digvijay Singh- Arvind Kejriwal

Digvijay Singh's comments, especially those slamming Baba Ramdev and the ones favouring Rahul Gandhi had become the butt of many jokes, with people accusing the Congress' court jester of passing such comments to divert people's attention from the various scams under the UPA regime.

Arvind Kejriwal, on the other hand, chose to expose corruption in the high ranks of the government and opted for the 'name and shame' method to stay in the limelight and lend more firepower to his campaign for an effective Lokpal Bill. While the actual issue got sidelined, Kejriwal's comments and his bytes on television were played over and over, that led to people wondering if Kejriwal was hogging more attention than the actual Bill that is tangled in the Rajya Sabha for want of political will to get it passed.

But the fact remains that in spite of both men having their free will to express their thoughts without thinking twice on the reactions that they may elicit, neither did Congress President Sonia Gandhi nor did Anna Hazare penalize both. The duo was only reprimanded mildly.

The fighting warriors for both Team Anna and Congress have often crossed paths during the verbal duel for TRP supremacy and media space. The occasion was when Kejriwal failed to exercise his right to vote in the UP elections and was forcibly taken to the polling booths by people. He claimed that he did not go to vote since he was to travel to Goa for campaigning and later stated that his name was missing from the electoral list. On this episode, Digvijay tweeted, "Great protectors of probity in public life. Anna doesn't go to vote. Kejriwal doesn't care to see whether he is registered as a voter."

After the shameful debacle the Congress faced in the Uttar Pradesh election, Digvijay Singh is somehow confined to the sidelines after he took moral responsibility for the defeat and handed over his resignation to Madam Sonia. The same was, however, not accepted by the Congress high command. The other reason that Digvijay is not very much in the news is because he is promoting his son Jaywardhan to jump into the bandwagon of active politics and is understood to be moulding his career from the background. But, Kejriwal on the other hand is rising high in the popularity charts with his picture finding a place in the anti-corruption posters and attaining the cult status that Anna Hazare has taken years to achieve.

Here, OneIndia compiles a list of the notorious quips of Digvijay Singh -

- "Baba Ramdev has taken a commission to turn black money into white money."

- "SP was a party of a family, BSP chief has become 'Daulat ki beti' (Daughter of money) in place of 'Dalit ki beti' (Dalit's daughter)."

- "Would Anna force BJP and do a Dharna in front of Advaniji's residence and tell them not to oppose Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha?"

- "Team Anna is being very cruel to Anna. I strongly protest. They all keep 75-year-old hungry and have a gala feast at his expense."

- "Venue of Anna's fast shifted to Mumbai. Is the reason cold winter or a greater opportunity to raise funds for NGOs of Team Anna?"

- "For Anna's Super Team. Na Khata na Bahi. Jo Kejriwal kahe woh sahi!" 

The popular Kejriwal-isms are -

- "They (UPA govt) are turning the anti-corruption ombudsman into a Post office."

- "When I don't know what was the mistake I committed, then there is no question of accepting it."

- "Constitution was drafted in 3 years. Lokpal not done in 44 years?"

- "No party willing to publish election expenses? Raises suspicion whether all is well. Whose money is it? Mine and yours."

- "In this Parliament, rapists are sitting, murderers and looters are sitting. How can you expect Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed by Parliament? How can you expect that you can get reprieve from poverty and corruption."

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