Google doodle lights Thomas Edison's 164th b'day

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Google doodle edison
California, Feb 11: Just two days after featuring a special interactive Doodle on French science fiction novelist, Jules Gabriel Verne, internet giant Google has depicted another Doodle on its homepage to pay tribute to Thomas Alva Edison, the great inventor who filled our lives with light.

As the world celebrates the 164th birthday of Thomas Edison, Google paid tribute to this greatest inventor by featuring a special Doodle on Friday, Feb 11. This time Google has selected some of his famous inventions as the Doodle.

The Edison Doodle showcases his major inventions like the electric bulb, the phonograph and the kinetoscope among others. The online search firm never forgets to depict its name, 'GOOGLE', on the Doodle. A close observation of the Doodle reveals the consonants of the world's most popular search engine morphed on several instruments that had been invented by Edison.

Edison was born in Ohio, USA during the year 1847. During his education, he made functional models of a steam engine, a steam-powered sawmill and also experimented with chemicals. During his childhood he worked as a newspaper boy and a weekly newspaper publisher. Edison later also worked as a telegraph operator.

Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, which made him famous throughout Menlo Park, New Jersey. Later, Edison also invented the first industrial research lab at Menlo Park, which he called 'The Invention Factory.' His other inventions include the electric light bulb, the kinetoscope, the projector, the motion picture camera etc.

Edison is credited with several patents for his 1093 inventions.

Edison died at West Orange, USA, in 1931 at the age of 84. The glowing bulb on the Google Doodle will always keep the memories of this genius alight in our lives.

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