Osama bin Laden killed in a US covert operation

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Osama bin Laden, the most haunted terrorists in the world, who masterminded many deadly attacks across the world, including, devastating attack on world trade centre.

The USA after pressing large troops and searches for about 10 years, at last under supervision of Barack Obama (President of America), killed the al-Qaeda chief and the tormentor of Americans.

Osama bin Laden

On May, 2011, an elite small team of Americans carried out a covert operation in which they eliminated Bin Laden.

Bin Laden was located at a compound in garrison city of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Most wanted Osama was living just yards from Pakistan's army training academy. Though, the terror hit country maintained its sheer ignorance about Bin Laden's presence.

This let to affect the relationship between USA-Pakistan as badly as it could. The covert operation by US force in Pakistan's soil was considered as a major insult that hit country's sovereignty. Thereafter, the rift between the two nations deepened then and when possible, however, many attempts of either to mend the fences miserable failed in many occasion rather inflicted more rift between allies.

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