2011 - a disastrous year for Japan

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When we look back to recall the worst natural calamities of the year 2011, Japan tsunami will be the first that slings to our mind. A massive earthquake measuring 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale struck Japan on Mar 11, 2011, unleashing a deadly 23-foot tsunami, killing thousands of people in the north Japan.

Japan Tsunami

The earthquake was the largest in Japan's history, though, the country was not strange to tremors, that ripped about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo. According to the official toll, the disasters left 15,839 dead and 3,647 missing.

But the tragedy didn't end there, the earthquake also triggered global concerns of possible leaking of radiation to the air following the explosion in two nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan. The calamity torn country bore the brunt of three subsequent disasters in 2011.

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