Ind can't be the US,can't prevent terrorism even after 26/11

Written by: Nairita Das
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26/11 - the date itself holds a profound meaning to all Indians. The horrific terror attacks that struck the financial capital of the country, three years back, still remains fresh in our minds, but the fact remains that the Indian government is yet to deliver a proper judgment in the case. Despite being victimised over such ghastly attacks, government failed many times to give security to its citizens.

26/11 anniversary

Indians are scared of coming out from their homes, traveling in buses, trains or even in flights. Who is responsible for this - Terrorists, organisations which are believed to run such terror groups or the government itself? Indians cannot stop terror groups from carrying out such attacks neither. It is only the government of the country from whom the Indians expect security.

Citing the American Government's activities post 9/11 attack, it seems that India can never be another America in terms of providing security to its countrymen. United States was rattled by the 9/11 terror attack but after the preliminary shock, the country fought with terrorism with a strong hand and has been continuing to hold its dominance since the attack on World Trade Centre in 2001. Terrorists have not been able to infiltrate into US territory since 9/11. The people of the country have been provided security with full assurance from the government.

However, Indian government's assurance to its people has gone in vain. Terrorists belonging to several militant outfits continue to strike on Indian soil even after high level anti-terror precautions were taken by the Indian government soon after the 26/11 terror attacks.

Ajmal Kasab - the lone surviving terrorist of 26/11 is still enjoying Indian government's hospitality in jail. Pakistani Ministers also claimed that Kasab should be hanged but the Indian government still continues to spend money on him. Here it can be mentioned that Dawood Ibrahim - the main accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast case is still moving freely outside the country and India is yet to bring him to justice. The victims of the 1993 bomb blast too have not received any justice after 18 years, so it would be difficult for the government to deliver justice to the victims of 26/11 just after 3 years. It seems that they have to wait at least for two decades for the same.

North-East States and Jammu Kashmir have been witnessing deadly terror attacks every single day. It seems that bomb blasts have become an integral part in the daily life of people living in those regions. Government failed to bring out solutions for those problems which create tension in those states.

Serial bomb blasts in the dream city and bomb blast outside Delhi High Court in 2011 brought shame on the face of the government as the two incidents showed that Indians are not safe, not even in metro cities like - Mumbai and Delhi. So, it would be difficult again to expect any prompt action by the government in the "ignored" North-East or disputed Jammu Kashmir.

Here it can also be mentioned that America can enter the soil of Pakistan without its consent and kill its (US') biggest enemy - Osama bin Laden but India cannot conduct an Abbottabad-like operation to kill or nab its most wanted terrorist - Dawood in Pakistan, though it's almost clear that the mastermind of the 1993 blast has been residing in Karachi from several years.

Considering the continuous terror attacks and terror activities on Indian soil, it seems that this is the prime time for the Indian government to strongly act against terrorism and provide full security and not only vague assurance to its citizens. Compensation to the victims (either in money or through government jobs) cannot really compensate the value of one's life. So, the government should be pro-active in dealing with terror attacks.

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