India's answer to Hina Rabbani Khar: Ash, Preity or Nandana?

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Ash, Preity, Nandana and Hina
Bangalore, Jul 19: As per reports, Hina Rabbani Khar is all set to become Pakistan's next foreign minister. Trust us, politics was never so young and beautiful in the Indian sub-continent where it has largely been a male bastion. But now that Pakistan, which lags behind India in every commendable field, has decided to go ahead and have such a beautiful woman as its foreign minister, it is probably time for India to act and put someone equally charming.

On a lighter note, since men will always be men, let's free S M Krishna of his responsibilities for the scheduled talks between India and Pakistan, lest he gets enticed by the ethereal charm of Hina. And instead, bring up someone equally lovely and intelligent to take the Indo-Pak peace talk to beautiful heights. So here are our choices:

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: When it comes to beauty, there can hardly be anyone ahead of her. To many she is the most beautiful woman in the world. But what might go unnoticed due to that is her intellect. For someone, who has been the Miss World and reigned Hindi Movie industry for long, she comes across a very talented woman, who knows the world around her.

Given her forays into Hollywood, she is an easily recognisable face (if she wasn't for her beauty alone). And the grace she has about herself coupled with her beauty and intelligence, will surely make her male counterparts of other countries, go week in the knees during the various foreign-minister level talks.

2. Preity Zinta: The bubbly-girl from Himachal Pradesh, is probably the perfect material for the Indian Foreign Minister's post. Intellectually, she is right up there with a degree in Criminal Psychology and when that combines with her dimpled smile and flawless face, then there can hardly be any better candidate than her for the post.

As an actress, she has been around the world and that experience can do her a world of good, if she were to become the foreign minister. Besides that, she is extremely gutsy, which should be a prerequisite for the Foreign Minister's post.

Her ever-smiling face may not launch a thousand ships, but it will surely help India gain some advantage over the countries that have male foreign ministers.

3. Nandana Sen: Daughter of Nobel Laureate Dr Amartya Sen, she is beyond any shade of doubt one of the best-looking women around the world. And the fact that she is the daughter of such an illustrious father, is enough to assure that she has got a good knowledge of the political affairs of the world. She has been a globe-trotter and has seen the best of Europe, America and Asia.

She also has to her credit, an impressive array of social activities that range from being a Child Rights Activist to a cause Ambassador for RAHI (Recovering and Healing from Incest). As an actress too she has in her repertoire some fine performances as a feisty princess, a painter's muse, a young rebel in the Apartheid era and so on.

Male fans cutting across race and religions swoon over her beautiful face and even more beautiful smile. As a foreign minister in dialogue with a male counterpart, her supernal beauty can leave him speechless and in the process gain for India some unprecedented deals and agreements.

Now that we have shortlisted the candidates, please go ahead and let us know your choices as India's beautiful Foreign Minister.

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