Google joins in the cricket frenzy with Doodle

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Google Doodle for World Cup
The cricket fever is about to attain new heights and will climax into a fervour that is infectious and will devour everybody. There is sheer excitement in the air as we stand on the threshold of the Cricket World Cup that will kick start today in Bangladesh. Its not just the public that is reeling under the excitement but the world's biggest search engine, Google, has also jumped into the bandwagon to celebrate the cricket frenzy.

They have come up with a simple Google Doodle this time around. The image shows Google written on a cricket field with the second G in the word 'Google' been replaced by a batsman, who has been shown to be playing a sweeping shot. Google has kept the idea plain and simple with the latest Google Doodle and the viewers will not have to rack their brains to decipher the hidden meaning in the Google Doodle.

Take a ride on Google's doodle world

Google Doodles are extremely popular among netizens and celebrates holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists in a timely manner. These decorative changes in Google's logo are much anticipated and evokes a lot of excitement in the minds of the viewers.

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