Education Bill: Maya's statue money for education

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India stepped into a new era of education on Thursday, Apr 1, with the government implementing the landmark Right to Education Bill. The bill requires the state government and local bodies to take steps towards materialising the vision of making Education as a fundamental right to all children irrespective of their backgrounds and gender. Here is a satirical piece on what would happen when the Centre's move clashes with 'Statue Queen' Mayawati's administration in UP.

HRD minister Kapil Sibal has been tirelessly working on reforming education in India. Today the education bill comes into effect.

With this bill every private school has to set aside 25 per cent of seats for the economically backward children. This bill as seen as a huge winner for Congress party and could ensure their win in the next elections.

However the implementation of the bill will not be easy as the State govt has to ensure it is implemented.

Seeing this bill as a huge threat Mayawati, seen by many as the next PM of India, has announced her own scheme which has cheered all Indians.

Mayawati, undoubtedly holds the Guiness record for using up the highest amount of stone for the creation of her statues. An estimate of Rs 2500 crore has been spent so far on her projects.

Mayawati has decided to stop all future statue projects and possibly sell the present statues to educate the poor. BSP says Mayawati's only dream is to eradicate poverty and corruption in the country.

None of us expected the education bill would bring such a huge change in Mayawati.

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