Delhi poll result: Rahul Gandhi takes lesson from Arvind Kejriwal

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Delhi polls vote counting updates
New Delhi, December 8: Congress lost power in Delhi. Sheila Dikshit resigned as Chief Minister of Delhi. The national capital witnessed a birth of a new hero -- Arvind Kejriwal as his party -- AAP spoilt BJP's dream of creating government with clear majority. BJP, AAP, Congress and Others won 32, 28, 8 and 2 seats respectively.

7:50 pm: Will change Congress before 2014 poll: Rahul Gandhi after Delhi fiasco

Congress vice president, after defeat in Delhi, vowed to change his party ahead of Lok Sabha election which is expected to be held by May 2014. Rahul Gandhi also said that his party has learnt a lesson from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

"The Aam Aadmi Party involved a lot of non-traditional people and we will learn from that...and will better it in a way you cannot imagine," said Rahul while addressing media outside his residence in the national capital.

7:15 pm: Modi as accepted leader, Gadkari congratulates Kejriwal 

Former BJP President Nitin Gadkari credited Narendra Modi for BJP's good performance in all four states including Delhi. He also congratulated the Aam Aadmi Party for doing well and admitted the Arvind Kejriwal-led party got more seats than expected by the BJP.

"The elections were a semi-final before the Lok Sabha polls. People want to remove the Congress and they have given a clear message that they are not going to accept the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. They have accepted Narendra Modi as their leader," he said.

5.57 pm: Historic results in Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal

After tasting success and a sensational debut in Delhi assembly elections, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal said that Delhi is witnessing historic results in Delhi. "These elections have been fought over honesty and corruption for the first time ever," he said.

"It is proved that for the first time the aam aadmi can also contest elections. It is the victory of the aam aadmi. Common man has defeated high profile politicians in Delhi. The common man is sending a clear message to the politicians," he said.

Kejriwal said that AAP is willing to play the role of constructive opposition. He also congratulated BJP CM candidate Harshvardhan for leading the polls and said that he or the party have nothing against Sheila Dikshit and the fight was of principles.

He said that now it was time for the people to teach a lesson to the political biggies like BJP and Congress.

5.45 pm: Mundka independent candidate may support BJP

Reports suggest that Rambir Shaukeen, independent candidate from Mundka likely to extend support to BJP. Shaukeen has won from Mundka and reports say that BJP workers are in touch with him.

5.35 pm: AAP wins in Vikaspuri

AAP candidate Mahinder Yadav wins from Vikaspuri.

5.05 pm: Gained from Modi's popularity: Rajnath Singh

Senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh said that the party had gained from Narendra Modi's popularity in the assembly elections. "I congratulate the chief ministers and and chief ministerial candidates," he said.

4.53 pm: Sonia Gandhi congratulates opponents, says will introspect defeat

Congress President Sonia Gandhi today accepted the defeat the party faced and said that she was indeed disappointed with the results. "But I would like to congratulate our opponents. We would introspect and take necessary action for the same," she said.

"We have to look at how equipped or not equipped is our party in running the elections," she said. Speaking about the prime ministerial candidate announcement, Sonia Gandhi said that at the right time the name of the PM candidate will be announced.

AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi said: "We would like to congratulate our opponents. We work for the people of our country and we listen to you," he said.

He went on to praise Sheila Dikshit and said that she had done good work in Delhi. "The elections have given us a message. Congress will transform itself to stand up to it. I am going to work with the party leadership very closely," he said.

"AAP involved a lot of people in the party, which the traditional party did not. We will learn from that. Congress will involve the youth in a way you cannot imagine," he said.

4.30 pm: Kapil Sibal congragulates AAP, Kejriwal

Law Minister Kapil Sibal today congragulated the AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal for a stunning debut in the Delhi Assembly elections. Sibal tweeted:

4.24 pm: AAP wins in Malviya Nagar

AAP candidate Somnath Bharti defeats Congress' Kiran Walia and BJP's Arti Mehra in Malviya Nagar.

4.02 pm: BJP leading in 33 seats

BJP closing in on the majority mark, leading with 33 seats. AAP continues to be at the second place leading in 27 seats. Congress is still struggling to cross the double digit figure, leads in 8 seats.

3.40 pm: Harshvardhan congratulates Kejriwal

After tasting success in his constituency, BJP CM candidate Harshavardhan thanked the people of Delhi for the mandate.  He also went on to praise Sheila Dikshit and Arvind Kejriwal. "I congratulate Arvind Kejriwal on the good show of his party against expectations. I also want to thank Sheila ji for serving Delhi for 15 years." he said.

He also said that he was confident that his party will be able to serve the people of Delhi.

3.23 pm: This is not my victory: Kejriwal

New Delhi has come under the 'jhaadu' magic with Arvind Kejriwal defeating Sheila Dikshit in the constituency. "This is not my victory this is victory of democracy. The victory of the people of Delhi," he said from the party head quarters. 

He added saying that after this he was sure that it will be the victory of the people of India. "People will win, democracy will win," he said.

3.20 pm: 'AAP a matter of concern'

Rajiv Pratap Rudy from BJP said that AAP rise was a matter of concern for both BJP and Congress. Meanwhile Congress General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi said that AAP is a warning to major political parties.

3.15 pm: AAP's Dharmendra Kumar dedicates victory to sister

AAP member Dharmendra Kumar, who won from Seemapuri said that his win is the revenge to his sister, Santosh Kohli's murder. Meanwhile AAP captain and ex- NSG commando Surinder Singh won from Delhi Cantonment.

3.00 pm: Shakeel Ahmad does a U-turn

Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad, who earlier said that the Congress may extend support to the AAP, did a U-turn and said that there is no way the party would extend support to Kejriwal's party.

2.54 pm: Kejriwal sweeps Dikshit's rule in New Delhi

AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal has won from the New Delhi constituency by 22,000 votes. Meanwhile AAP candidates continue to spin their magic with Vinod Kumar Binny beating Ashok Kumar Walia in Laxmi Nagar.

Meanwhile AAP has won the seat from Hari Nagar constituency. In Ballimaran, Congress' Haroon Yusuf defeats BJP's MOti Lal Sodhi.

2.52 pm: Narendra Modi reaches Delhi

BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi arrives in New Delhi for a party meeting. Meanwhile, BJP's Harshvardhan won from the Krishna Nagar constituency defeating VK Monga with over 30,000 votes.

2.38 pm: Gadkari: Won't support AAP

BJP leader Niting Gadkari today said that BJP won't support AAP. "In case we don't have a majority, we will support other parties except AAP and Congress," he said.

Gadkari also said that the verdict is a clear indication of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi's rejection. He praised the AAP and said that 'the party didn't expect the AAP to win.' "We congratulate them for their performance," he said.

2.25 pm Shazia Ilmi loses from RK Puram

AAP's Shazia Ilmi lost by 340 votes from R K Puram. Ilmi lost to Anil Sharma of BJP

2.03 pm: Close contest in RK Puram

According to tv reports, its a close contest between candidates of AAP and BJP in RK Puram.

1.37 pm: Cong, BJP acknowledge AAP's presence

Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel said that the people of Delhi blame Dikshit for the past 15 year's governance. "However AAP has made its presence felt in the elections," he said.

On the other hand Shakeel Ahmad from Congress said that it was surprising to see the rise of AAP. "We didn't expect such a result in Delhi," he said. He said that the party will decide whether or not it will support the AAP.

Meanwhile Manish Sisodia won from his constituency, Patparganj.

1.35 pm: BJP leading in 32 seats, AAP leading in 29

With many twists and turns, the BJP is leading in 32 seats whereas the AAP is leading in 29 seats. Congress is leading in 8 seats.

1.30 pm: Arvinder Singh Lovely wins from Gandhinagar

Congress Arvinder Singh Lovely wins from the Gandhinagar Seat

1.11 pm: Shazia Ilmi ahead of BJP, Cong

AAP's candidate from RK Puram Shazia Ilmi ahead of BJP, Cong by 27 votes in RK Puram.

1.00 pm: Dikshit: Bewkoof hain na hum?

Congress' Sheila Dikshit addressed reporters and said: "The people of Delhi have taken a decision We respect that. I thank them for supporting me for the past 15 years." She went on to add that the party had accepted its defeated and will introspect what went wrong.

On asking whether she had failed to read the mood of Delhi, Dikshit hit out at the reporters saying, "Bewkoof hain na hum (we are fools)?"

12.59 pm: AAP continues to win hearts

AAP candidate Jagdeep Singh said that 'Kejriwal is the consciousness of the of the common voter. By evening he will be declared the CM by evening.'

12.40 pm: BJP candidates win in Mehrauli, Rithala

BJP candidates win  Mehrauli, Rithala seats. Nandkishore Garg wins from Trinagar constituency. Mahendra Nagpal wins Wazirpur seat.

12.33 pm: BJP leading the way

BJP leading in 34 seats, AAP leading in 27 seats, Congress leading in seven seats.

12.27 pm : AAP candidates win in Ambedkar Nagar, Deoli

AAP candidates win in Ambedkar Nagar, Deoli, Sangam Vihar and Shakur Basti seats in Delhi. AAP's Veena Anand wins Patel Nagar constituency.

12.05 pm: Arvind Kejriwal leading with 15,000 votes

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is leading with over 15,000 votes in New Delhi constituency. His counter part, Sheila Dikshit is trailing behind and has even accepted her defeat and sent her resignation.

11.56 am: Sheila Dikshit sends her resignation

Accepting a crushing defeat Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit sends her resignation to Lt Governor Najeeb Jung.

11.45 am: BJP leading the race with 35 seats

BJP is clearly leading the race in 35 seats and AAP continues to maintain the lead ahead of Congress in 24 seats. AAP member Manish Sisodia, who is leading from the Patparganj constituency said that AAP sensational debut was expected. "If no government is formed, fresh polls will be the answer to form a stable government. We will not support either the BJP or the Congress," he said.

11.30 am: BJP reaches majority mark

BJP reaches majority by leading in 36 seats. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit trailing by 6,700 votes. AAP leading in 21 seats. Delhi BJP CM candidate Harshvardhan is leading in Krishna Nagar constituency over 14,000 votes.

11.25 am: BJP just one seat away from winning majority

BJP leading in 35 seats, AAP leading in 24 seats.

11.24 am: Omar Abdullah hits out at Rahul Gandhi

Omar Abdullah hit out at AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi over poll defeat. "Big rallies don't get votes while poor attendance means big trouble," Abdullah said.

11.18 am: BJP closing on the halfway mark

BJP leading in 34 seats, AAP leading in 26 seats, Congress leading in 7 seats.

11.04 am: Hazare: Kejriwal should not join hands with other parties

Social activist Anna Hazare today said that Arvind Kejriwal should not take any support from the BJP or Congress. "It will be a big khichdi (mess) if AAP joins hands with the BJP or the Congress. Kejriwal must not form an alliance with anybody. Today's result clearly shows that this is people's anger against the current Congress government," he said.

He said that let there be fresh polls if there is not government formed in Delhi.

He went on to add that this is a lesson for the Congress government. He said that he was happy with Kejriwal's performance.

10.48 am: Celebrations galore at the AAP HQ

AAP members and volunteers are celebrating AAP's lead in 25 seats. Party volunteers are in a celebration mood and are seen waving the jhaadu. Loud cheering is heard when they hear Kejriwal is leading in the New Delhi constituency. Many were raising slogan- 'Sheila ko haraya hai, Modi ko harayenge (We defeated Sheila, will defeat Modi next).

10.44 am: Sheila Dikshit trailing behind Arvind Kejriwal

After the second round of counting Sheila Dikshit is trailing by 4510 votes against AAP's Arvind Kejriwal.

10.30 am: Who will form government in Delhi?

With a splendid debut the AAP has managed to upset the BJP, who was expecting to win with majority votes. However experts are now saying that there are two ways that a government can be formed. Either the BJP needs to form an alliance with the AAP or the Congress joins hands with the AAP and the other parties.

BJP leaders are saying that to get a clear picture of the exact number of votes one needs to wait for another few hours.

BJP leads in 31 seats, AAP leads in 25 seats, Congress leads in 11 seats and others lead in 3 seats.

10.18 am: No party receives majority votes in Delhi

According to latest updates, no party has received any majority. Delhi is likely to witness a hung assembly in Delhi. BJP leads in 29 seats, AAP leads in 26 seats, Congress leads in 14 seats and others in one seat. BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that if AAP was not in the fray, BJP would have received at least 60 seats.

10.08 am: Is Delhi staring at Hung Assembly?

BJP leading in 32 seats, AAP leading in 25 seats and Congress leading in 11 seats. Experts say Delhi is heading towards a hung assembly.

BJP spokerson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that it was too early to speak about the government in Delhi. Naqvi also said that an alliance with AAP was still not on the charts. However he did praise the AAP saying that 'AAP had proven itself in the elections, which should be accepted by all.'

9.58 am: AAP plays spoilsport for BJP

AAP ahead of BJP in Seemapuri with 8,00 votes. BJP leading in 33 seats, AAP leading in 24 seats, Congress trailing with 9 seats. Arvind Kejriwal ahead of Sheila Dikshit with 1,426 votes in New Delhi constituency.

9.49 am: Arvind Kejriwal ahead of Sheila Dikshit

Election Commission says that Arvind Kejriwal ahead of Sheila Dikshit with 1500 votes.

9.46 am: BJP leading in 30 seats, AAP leading in 23 seats

BJP is leading in 30 seats, AAP is leading in 23 seats. Congress is trailing with 9 seats.

9.35 am: Sheila Dikshit ahead of Arvind Kejriwal

Sheila Dikshit isahead of Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi constituency. AAP candidate from RK Puram Shazia Ilmi spoke to reporters said that this was not a fight between the Congress, BJP or the AAP. "People are fed up with the on-going situation. There is not chance of any alliance with either BJP or Congress. Both the parties are the same for us," she said.

9.28 am: AAP giving BJP tough competition

BJP leading in 27 seats, AAP leading in 20 seats, Congress trailing with 9 seats.

9.20 am: Modi to arrive in Delhi today

Narendra Modi to be in Delhi today. On the other hand, BJP continues to lead in 21 seats. AAP leading in 18 seats, Congress leading in 8 seats. Reports suggest that Harshvardhan is leading from Krishna Nagar constituency, whereas AAP is eating into many reserved seats in Delhi.

9.14 am: Neck to neck fight between BJP, AAP

BJP leading in 19 seats, AAP leading in seats. Congress trailing with 8 seats. Manish Sisodia ahead from Patparganj. Results predict hung assembly in Delhi.

9.06 am: BJP leading in 14 seats, AAP leading in 13 seats

BJP continues to lead in 14 seats, AAP closing in with 13 seats, Congress trailing with 6 seats.

8.58 am: BJP continues to lead, BSP, Cong and AAP fight it out

BJP leading in 10 seats, BSP, Cong, AAP leading in 5 seats each.

8.50 am: BJP leading in 7 seats, AAP leading in 5

BJP is leading in 7 seats, AAP leading in 5 whereas Congress is still trailing behind with a lead in 3 seats. BSP is leading in 5 seats.

8.40 am: Neck to neck fight between BJP, AAP; Cong trailing behind

BJP leading in 5 seats, AAP leading in 4 seats. Reports suggest that Sheila Dikshit leading in her constituency while Arvind Kejriwal is trailing. AAP leading in Narela and Seemapuri.

8.27 am: BJP, AAP lead in 2 seats

BJP leading in Delhi in 2 seats whereas AAP leads in two seats. Congress gets a lead of one seat.

8.07 am: AAP confident of winning

AAP member Kumar Vishwas said that the Delhi today will witness a new government today. "It will be a government for the next 20 years. People have chosen the AAP," he said.

8.00 am Counting of votes begins

Counting of votes begins in Delhi

7.55 am: Harshvardhan: I'll just go to collect the certificate

BJP's CM candidate Harshvardhan was boasting with confidence and said that he would go and collect the final certificate. "We are confident of winning and we will win with a majority. I am confident we will win 40 seats" he said.

According to news reports, victory posters were seen at the party headquarters. He even rubbished the poaching claims made by the AAP saying that 'Kejriwal was no competition at all.'

7.35 am: Kejriwal keeps mum on results

AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal refused to comment on the poll results but said that the BJP had approached him and other AAP members. "I was getting SMSes till last night from many BJP leaders. BJP also approached seven AAP members, but they informed us," he said.

When asked to name the BJP leaders who approached the party, Kejriwal said that they would not resort to dirty politics like the BJP does. "Why should I name them. Let us wait for the results," he said. He also said that AAP members won't speak till the results were out.

Kejriwal made it clear that it will not form an alliance with either the BJP or the Congress. He said: "This is not AAP's fight but the people's fight."

As the party leaders headed out for their respective headquarters, reports suggested that BJP Leaders' car crossed the AAP leaders car in opposite direction on the AIIMS Flyover.

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