DEBATE: Manipur elections: Who will prevail when Irom Sharmila and Okram Ibobi face off?

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She accused the CM of turning a blind eye to her 16-year fast for lifting AFSPA. "In his 15 years of chief ministership, precious little was done in this direction." Sharmila ended her fast unto death on August 9 last year, disappointing many of her supporters who expected her to continue until the objective was achieved.

She said her goal remained unchanged. "When I ended my fast, people thought I had changed the goal post. That is not the case. My objective to campaign against the AFSPA remains unchanged. I have decided to fight against it from a political platform since the authorities were lukewarm to my fast," she said.

Membership for Sharmila's political party, the People's Resurgence and Justice Alliance, formed in October last year, has so far not been very significant. The feeling in political circles is that the PRAJA will not be a major force.

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