Cartoon of the Day: 'Bridging' alliances on 'broken' trust

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The recent accident in Kolkata, where a flyover gave way on unaware pedestrians and vehicles beneath (claiming 25 lives) has shaken the psyche of the country.

When even the West Indian and the English cricketers (playing their final T20 World Cup match in Eden) stood in solidarity with the state, the politicians found a new 'platform' on the very rubbles to build alliances.

'Bridging' alliances on 'broken' trust

The cheap propaganda of humanity in a bad taste was glaring at points when RSS cadres wore their party flags and joined rescue operations. Meanwhile, Congress, CP(I)M grew closer as Rahul Gandhi met CP(I)M leaders in Durgapur and led a joint election rally and protested the TMC's role in the bridge collapse.

Hail humanity, hail Indian politics!

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