Cartoon of the Day: Black money: People of India, 'dil pe mat lo yaar'

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A misunderstanding indeed! A few people had taken the government's opinion about the black money quiet seriously...almost to the extent of hallucinating having Rs 15 lakh extra in their pockets. Certainly, we Indians have a wild imagination.

Cartoon of the Day

In a recent interview, Union Law Minister DV Sadananda Gowda said that the BJP never promised to deposit money into people's accounts once the black money came back. While this was the election agenda for the Modi government before the Lok Sabha elections, it was unclear whether the government is really going to deposit this amount to their accounts.

Hopes shattered, it turns out that the government was trying to emphasise on the huge amount of Indian money that is stashed away outside in a simple manner. And in order to explain that, GOI had framed this example.

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