Bandra-Worli Sealink: Now in naming jam

By: Shrinivas S Hunashikatti
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Mumbai sealink, now in naming jam
On July 1, 2009 Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the chairperson Congress inaugarated Bandra-Worli Sealink. The engineering marvel finally opened for joy ride for public for first few days.

It's going to be pinch for common man's vallet to take this sea link on daily basis as toll fixed is whacking Rs. 50 for one way ride, The sealink spans 5.6 kms between Worli and Bandra in Arabian waters supplements the rider with a panoramic view of Mumbai skyscrapers and Arabian sea. The sea link built by HCC in cooperation with Govt of Maharashtra had cost whopping 1600 crores, which shot up almost by 1000 crores against initial estimate.

The monumental Sealink is built to avoid huge jams for commuters of Worli-Mumbai reducing almost 30 minutes of quite expensive travel time, and is expected to dramatically reduce traffic jams,but the sealink is now struck in naming jam, as usual political parties politicizing this too. Mr., Sharad Pawar, NCP chief other day shrewdly proposed name of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi silently dismissing Shivasena -BJP, and showing his loyalty informally to Sonia for forthcoming Maharashtra assembly polls.

No matter which podium in, our political leaders have left no small chance politicize everything on the agenda. It is shameful for democratic nation like ours, where power politician get shady opportunistic in every single chance they get.

Don't our politician remember great Indian poets and writers, soldiers who fought for nations, scientists who made us pride, envisioned industrialists, resilient great Mumbaikers who made Mumbai jewel of the nation and there is plethora of freedom fighters, whose names are no more pronounced in public arena. If my dear policymakers don't remember I've few names for thier kind notice Rasbihari Bose, Bhikaji Cama, Shamaji Krishnasharma, Bhagat Singh, Kalpana Chawla, C V Raman, Sir M Vishweshwariah. It will be far too less homage we might pay even if we name such souls. Come on my dear opportunistic politician , take a pride in remembering those great souls, let generations to come know their names.

Let your conscience speak a bit. I must be convicted if i question the contribution of Gandhis and Nehurs to Indian Indpendence struggle and Indian Politics, after all they are not the only people ? We have heard enough about Gandhis and Nehrus. No text books, no streets, no museums , no dams , no schools are spared.

Why don"t you dear politician become little democratic in this too, as you always make rhetoric,and bombastic statements on democracy and made it so complex term beyond every common Indian's ken.

As citizen of such great nation I would be deeply humiliated if such an Engineering marvel is named after bandit turned politician Poolan Devi in future for political gain.

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