Know the proactive & selfless Leader: LK Advani

Written by: Deepak K Nambiar
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Last day when I saw NDTV news, where I found an aged and old Politician with tremendous energy reaching out to meet Bhairon Singh Shekawat and sorting out the issue in Rajasthan. Is this show only Advanji knows the aftermath of election in Rajasthan ? Why not others.

I believe these are the duties of second rung leaders not a PM candidate. Where all he should run to sort out the issues? I believe in all other BJP ruled states, they did not show any sign of anti incumbency factor, only Rajasthan shows that, which means a bad Governance with poor people support.

We all are responsible for this, why BJP & RSS leaders have not monitored Vasundhara Raje's rule in Rajasthan earlier. Or is it like that after winning the election the respective state leaders will handle the governance according to his or her will or wish without the control of party or central leaders. I am surprised to see a proactive party like BJP has not prepared a monitoring cell to check the activity of each BJP ruled state to correct or change the leaders if they found them making wrong decision and corruption happening every time in five years of their rule.

Again I am feeling this too is the duty of Advanji, not the so called second generation leaders. Is it not Vasandara Raje"s duty to give a better governance like other BJP states and to deliver more seats in LS to support BJP and Advanji.

Advani is the person who made her CM in Rajasthan and no help in return vice versa.. or what else did she deliver to the party, only a grand name with Raje, she even failed to solve Gujjar and Meena community issue. Why RSS and BJP did not monitored her rule properly in the very first year itself, when it is understood that she is not the leader that BJP is looking for, that time itself decision should be taken to bring new face with RSS bay grounds, eg.. we all felt that after Uma bharati"s expulsion from BJP, I personally felt that BJP in MP is over .. then we found the rise of the leader Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

BJP is looking for such honest and sincere leaders, who never wanted to be larger or bigger than the mother party and never be a talkative leader in TV shows or never forget the way he comes to top post. We do not want people who are concerned about their states but someone who is interested in the overall development of India. For that, firm decision should be taken while handing over charge to state leaders, if you want to rule states you have to deliver better so that we can rule the country better. For that a monitoring cell must be created in BJP central office where office bearers must not be partial and should have perfect concept how to rule states? How could the Budget be prepared? What is the policy for Minority? How to develop poor people, industry, education to all back ward people even Muslim, Retirement scheme etc..

Make a written procedure with the help of RSS & BJP and implement in all BJP ruled states and the respective states should consult to the BJP Monitoring cell and take their approval before implementation. Every year end let the Monitoring body audit every state head quarters to comply the requirements and suggestions, if not change the guard of honour to someone else who can deliver the requirements. Let every state leaders who is running the individual state start to worry about this newly created power center in BJP chaired by Advanji. This committee must be filled entirely on the basis of proven records with highly administrative skills and intellectuals in different subjects and it can also be from RSS bay grounds like Shivraj Singh Chauhan. But certainly not the leaders like Sinha & Co.

I would like to say Advani and other leaders should sort out the leadership issue in Rajasthan so that more seats would be in BJP"s baskets. Do whatever Shekhawat want and take his support before the election in Rajasthan phase goes. Understand the importance of the hour at the earliest. Give equal importance to Shekhawat & Vasundara Raje. These are the duties of central party leaders and if they can"t calculate all these things in advance, I think literally they are ditching Advanji and BJP by sitting at central office and commenting on next Prime minister (though it is good to get more seats in Gujarat but to a certain extent only) and so by ensuring their seat and ministry post in next govt.

Let Arun Jaitley and others do a compromising formula to get the help of Shekawat. I believe that looking at the scenario of election, BJP is having a clear edge over other parties. So take that advantage in the coming phase too, and we can make it. For that we need leaders like (Late) Pramod Mahajan.. Not the leaders sitting in centralised AC without any mass base support and unnecessarily airing comments in TV shows etc.. without a consultation with the senior leaders and to make confusion in Cadres.

I believe Advanji is doing his best even at this age too, but younger leaders I doubt.. they are more interested in making confusion and ego"s between them.. bury that ego"s first believe in yourself and party. Understand that Advanji can"t reach every nook and corner of conflicts in your party, he only made the this party into a reckoning force in Indian politics, that credit only goes to him not even Vajpayeeji.. What ever he wanted to contribute he made that and even larger than that anybody in BJP. Only self discipline and lack of ego conflicts will help in developing BJP as a strong party in every part of the country. Advanji always brought up and nourished young leaders and bring them to top post. But ironically these young leaders start to tease him by not even supporting him when he needs the support utmost like ,eg. PM post for Modi, Jinnah episode, Sinha comments on Khandhar terrorist issue and Jaitley – Rajnath conflicts etc..

I am sure after Advanji, you won"t get such a great strategist in future hence understand his importance and support him every way to achieve the goal.

This is the third time Advanji is taking BJP close to the margin of victory. Can anybody in BJP deliver like this? Even Modi or Rajnath may do it at their home turf, but certainly not at pan-India level. For that younger leaders should be more self disciplined, experienced, honest and sincere to party and to nation, what Advanji has been doing since 80 years of his political career.

Otherwise he would have formed a new party when Jinnah episode broke out, due to humiliation faced from his own people whom he handpicked when they were none in Indian politics. The BJP leader's pro-Jinnah comments in Pakistan might had a purpose, but our people never gave him a chance to explain or took pain to understand him. It is only to show that BJP is not an anti-Muslim party and hence can explain that we are not against minority cast and people Advani made pro-Jinnah comments. We can"t go always with Ram Mandir issue alone to rule our country you need support from each and every part of country and people. Once BJP get majority, party can do and deliver what they promised earlier.

So young leaders should study and practice Advanji"s life, experience and his attitude for any post in Party or in Govt. His attitude is like

“work hard today and bear the fruit of success tomorrow"

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