Common Man's serious questions for BSY backed seers

Written by: Balaraj Tantry K
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HD Kumaraswamy-BS Yeddyurappa
Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa has brought down the curtains on oath drama, as he withdrew his decision to take the oath on lord Manjunatha. The troubled CM visited Dharmasthala and prayed for the welfare of the people. On the other hand, HD Kumaraswamy, who started a new trend of taking politics into the temple, swore that whatever he has said is 'true.. true..true". Indeed, the latter HDK has won the battle and has scored more points than BSY in this game.

Irrespective of whether BSY is right or wrong, seers and mutts, which come close to 3500 in the state, have constantly backed. Though, people believe that BS Yeddyurappa favored Lingayat mutts, yet he has managed and kept other mutts in his fold by donating people"s money to them. Now, the time has come for common man to ask seers some questions:

1) Has BSY taken your permission before spending crores of rupees to publicize his stand on oath controversy?

2) Isn"t it wrong to play the revenge politics for the sake of prestige? The question, which is bothering the most, is money! Would not be wise from your part to advice the CM to spend the same for the welfare of the poor brilliant students or the flood hit victims in north Karnataka rather than washing his political dirty linen in public?

3) Why did the CM backed out of taking oath on lord Manjunatha? Was it your advice or the BJP"s high command decision? Or afraid to take oath in front of god?

4) Isn"t BS Yeddyurappa"s decision to swear on the lord hurts the people"s religious sentiment?

5) What is your take on the ordinary citizens/pilgrimages , who have expressed their anguish on BSY, for bringing in the politics to the sacred land of truth?

6) Corruption has become a synonym of the BJP government in the state. What are all your next strategies to defend the government"s misdeeds?

7) When do you realize and come to conclusion to stop the politicians from using religious feelings for their political mileage?

8) If you are expecting favors from the government in the form of funds for your mutts, then no need to answer my questions!

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