What Tamil Nadu wants this Lok Sabha election 2014 (Pics)

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Chennai, April 7: Tamil Nadu is going under polls on 24th April, all parties are busy campaigning for their leaders ahead of polls.

The election, which is being held in phases, will last for six weeks and will decide who will become the next prime minister of the world's largest democracy.

We asked a few people about what they thought of the upcoming elections and which party they supported. We asked them what was the most important issue that they'd like to be addressed as they pick a candidate this year.

Here are some of the reactions from the common man.

Charu Hassan, brother of Kamal Hassan - 84 years

So far, I have never given or received bribe. I will vote for honest people. I want a corruption-free government.

Chellappan, Coconut vendor - 48 years

I see corruption everywhere. I will vote for AIADMK. I feel only Jayalalithha can make India corruption-free.

Ezhumalai, Tea seller - 63 years

I feel only Congress can give secular and stable government.

Sabiullah, Government school teacher - 33 years

India has become corrupt in the last ten years of Congress rule. [Narendar] Modi has asked for forgiveness. There is nothing wrong in giving a chance to him. We want a government that benefits people.

Ramanan, Software professional - 30 years

India has become corrupt in the last ten years of Congress rule. Inflation has shot up. We want a corruption-free governemnt so It will be good if [Narendra] Modi heads the nation.

Desappan, Fisherman - 63 years

I want someone from Tamil Nadu to be the Prime Minister. I have been voting for ADMK since the party started. Only Amma can give better government.

Abhinaya, Prasanna and Nalini - Homemakers

Robbery, theft and rape incidents have increased. There is no safety for women. We want a government which can assure safety for women.

Jayaraman, Vegetable vendor - 72 years

We want a government that helps poor people. It will be good if the government is like the one in Tamil Nadu.

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