Too many pre-poll surveys for Tamil Nadu election 2016?

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Chennai, May 12: As one after another pre-poll opinions pour in ahead of the May 16 election in Tamil Nadu, experts have started questioning the basis of these surveys that are either favouring the ruling AIADMK or DMK.

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; Two more pre-poll surveys emerge in TN

Doubting the accuracy and the method of these surveys, the observers feel that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to the sample size. They even said that the opinion polls are carried out by people who are not experienced and lack skills. They also blamed the media houses for committing the mistake of converting the percentage into votes. [List of TN poll results: 1952-2011]

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The experts have also questioned the size and distribution of these surveys. One news channel gave the ruling AIADMK 164 seats in its survey results released recently, raising quite a few eyebrows. Jayalalithaa's party did not win that many seats even in 2011 when it swept the polls. The situation looks far more tight this time. They feel such results come out when the sample is clustered.

A lot is being also said about the polls not giving the third front in this election-the People's Welfare Front (PWF) led by the DMDK---any worthy mention.

Even MDMK supremo and the front's chief minister candidate Vijaykanth seemed upset with this and said the surveys meant little sense. But, according to the experts, the PWF drew attention in the beginning but faded after Vijaykanth joined it.

Some commentators even went to the extent of predicting less than four seats for both the PWF and PMK. They also said that if the DMK and Congress's coming together after the 2013 break-up doesn't convince the voters, the advantage clearly lies with the AIADMK.

The CPI(M), which is a constituent of the six-party PWF, accused the pre-poll surveys as handiwork of either of the two major Dravidian parties.

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