Who is bombing Haryana? Is there a message and pattern in the 3 blasts?

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Chandigarh, May 27: Investigators have found a pattern behind the blasts at Haryana. Since January there have been three blasts. While two were reported on a train in Panipat another occurred on a state run bus in Kurukshethra. In all the blasts Improvised Explosive Devices had been used.

What investigators are trying to ascertain is whether these bombs were planted with an intention of spreading panic or not. In all three cases, the bombs were low intensity ones. However prima facie, investigators say that these incidents may be interconncted.

Police guarding a bus in which a bomb exploded at Pipli in Kurukshetra.

Joining the dots:

When the first blast had occurred on the Delhi-Panipat train in January investigators had suspected the role of the SIMI. Earlier this month another blast occurred on the same train and interestingly the bomb was planted at the same spot.

In the explosion that took place on the bus yesterday, an IED was used. The bus was however not too crowded. In the low intensity explosion, 8 persons were injured. The IEDs, circuits and batteries used to trigger the bomb were exactly the same in all the three incidents.

According to the Superintendent of Police of Panipat, Rahul Sharma, the bombs were identical in nature. He informed that the IEDs were planted in the same spot in both the incidents of January and May.

A pattern:

It is still unclear who is behind these incidents. However observing the signature of the bomb, it becomes clear that it is the handiwork of the same person or the group. The persons has been planting bombs either after passengers have disembarked or in a bus which is less crowded.

These are indications that the person is attempting to send out a message rather than cause any large scale damage. Moreover the bombs that have been prepared are low intensity in nature. When the first blast took place in January investigators had suspected that it could have been a novice bomb maker and he got the timing wrong.

However looking at the other two incidents it becomes clear that the bomber has been preparing low intensity explosives and planting them only with an intention to scare. The NIA which is likely to help the Haryana Special Investigation Team says that it is important to find out the motive of the bomber first.

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