Woman from Haryana planned a bomb attack on her ex-boyfriend

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Chandigarh, Oct 12: Bombs are not used by terrorists alone. Here is a strange case of a woman who plotted a major strike on her ex-boyfriend. According to the Haryana police, a 35-year-old woman had sought the help of another ex-boyfriend to undertake the operation.

The case registered at Palwal states that Arti and her ex-boyfriend Pradeep had decided to piece together a bomb. When the police got wind of the plan, they immediately arrested and questioned the duo. They revealed that three bombs had been prepared and the same was hidden in a friend's house.

Scorned woman wanted to blow up ex

The police conducted a search at the friend's house at Shamshabad colony and found three bombs. All the crude bombs were defused. The friend whose house in which the bombs were hidde, however, was unaware of the plot, the police also say.

The enemity

The police while questioning Arti learnt that she wanted to seek revenge on her ex-boyfriend. She says that he had left his wife and children to live with her. However, after living for six years he decided to get back to his wife and children. This is what triggered off the plan to blow him up, the police also say.

A report in the Indian Express also states that the duo of Arti and Pradeep had also committed another murder on October 3. The deceased, Babu Lal, is said to be instrumental in bringing Arti's ex-boyfriend and his wife together.

Arti felt that it was because of Babu Lal that her relationship had gone kaput. They killed Babu Lal by slitting his throat, the police have also learnt.

The police say that the investigations are on and they are trying to find out where these people procured the material to assemble three bombs. The police learnt that Pradeep has a friend who is a licensed fire cracker manufacturer.

He learnt how to prepare a crude bomb. It is, however, unclear how the material to prepare the bombs were sourced.

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