Rajnath supports ban on cow slaughter, says will try to bring nationwide ban

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Bhopal, March 30: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that the 'NDA government would try its best to bring a countrywide ban on cow slaughter.'

Singh was addressing a convention of Jain saints and sadhvis in Indore. Before Singh made his speech, speakers who addressed the gathering demanded on a total ban on cow slaughter and beef export.

Cow slaughter cannot be accepted:Rajnath

Singh didn't give any assurance on the same but instead said that every effort would be made to form a consensus on the same.

"Cow slaughter cannot be accepted in this country," he said and then went on to praise the Madhya Pradesh and the Maharashtra government for imposing beef ban in the state [Beef banned in Maharashtra! Selling or possessing beef could lead to 5 yr jail or Rs 10,000 fine]

Singh said as a minister in the Atal Behari Vajpayee government he wanted to table a bill against cow slaughter but could not go ahead after a ‘commotion' in the House.

Beef ban in Maharashtra and Haryana had stirred up a controversy and many termed the move as 'communal politics.' Some even said that the ban would give rise to illegal trade of selling beef.

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