World should pay attention to PM Modi, feels Congress leader Shashi Tharoor

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Bangalore, Sept 30: Former Union minister Shashi Tharoor praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his diplomatic exercises in an opinionated article in NDTV.

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In the article titled "World Should Pay Attention to PM Modi", Tharoor, who was a diplomat himself before entering politics, said: " Mr Modi is undoubtedly already a considerable presence on the world stage. We should take with a fistful of salt the over-the-top pronouncements of his being a "rock star of diplomacy", but it is undeniable that with his style, commanding presence and overwhelming confidence, our Prime Minister has made an impact wherever he goes. (I was in Nepal the previous week and heard similar enthusiasm for his words and deeds there.)" [Read the full article here]

Tharoor, who was in New York when Modi was there and returned home before the latter headed to Washington, said the applause that Modi had received on reaching the UN showed that "India's leadership had emerged from the conference chambers and meeting rooms of international diplomacy to make a mark on the imaginations of people who have no place behind those closed doors".

Tharoor, however, did not forget to mention former prime minister Manmohan Singh who he said was respected for his intellect and wisdom on global economic issues.

The Congress leader also backed Modi on his choice to speak in Hindi at the UN.

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