With cases falling like 9 pins, BSY from BJP's strong man becomes stronger man

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Bengaluru, Oct 26: He was hounded by cases and finally was forced to step down as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Today with an acquittal up his sleeve, Yeddyurappa can heave a sigh of relief. The fact is that the cases against BS Yeddyurappa seem to be falling like nine pins.

While the Rs 40 crore bribery case investigated by the CBI worried him and his followers no end, Yeddyurappa had got relief in 15 other cases earlier. There was a lot of discussion and debate earlier this year before he was made the state president of the BJP in Karnataka.

Yeddyurappa- the stronger man of BJP

Many within his party who were aspirants to the post of party president had hurled tainted charges against him. However, in the first week of January, the Karnataka High Court quashed 15 FIRs filed against him by the Lokayukta police.

These FIRs were filed following a complaint to the Lokayukta based on a CAG report which spoke about the denotification of lands acquired by the then government.

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While quashing the FIRs, the court had pointed that no proper sanction was obtained by the governor before the process was started. The High Court directed that the issue be placed before the governor. However, the governor said that now a sanction is not required since he is not the Chief Minister.

From BJP's strong man to stronger man

Those who have been observing Yeddyurappa from close quarters say that he was always worried about these case. After all, his political future depended on these cases. A conviction would have only resulted in him being barred from contesting the elections.

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The Yeddyurappa of last month and the Yeddyurappa of today are completely different. After the acquittal there was the same gusto in his voice that one had heard during his 2007 campaign, when he single-handedly brought the BJP to power in Karnataka.

He said that this acquittal has given him a fresh resolve to fight harder and bring the BJP back to power in the state.

His supporters and close aides say that he was nervous ahead of the judgment. "A lot depended on it. Before he left for the court on Wednesday, he told us all to be strong," his supporters said.

His supporters offered prayers before the verdict as well. They say that he is the only hope for the party in the state. Today no one can point a finger at him and call him corrupt.

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