Why Karnataka Home Minister will get a bag of puffed rice today

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Bengaluru, Dec 25: unique protest in which the Home Minister of Karnataka, Dr G Parameshwar will get puffed rice is underway.

It has been decided by some activists that they would send puffed rice to the Home Minister and also the Police Commissioner of Mangalore, S Murugan as they have been unable to stop the communalisation of the coastal city.


Sending puffed rice has its significance. In many parts of Karnataka especially in Mangalore, there is a saying attached to puffed rice. A person not doing work and wasting time is often referred to as eating puffed rice.

Today a protest will be organised at the Town Hall, Mangalore where several activists would urge the state administration to act on recent incidents which have led to communal tension in Mangalore. Following this protest, the activists would give both the home minister and the police commissioner puffed rice in order to convey to them that they are not doing their work and whiling away their time.

The protests which are organised by various activists including advocate Anant Naik say that they hope better sense would prevail after this symbolic protest.

The activists would urge both the state and district administration to act against some elements who are creating communal tension.

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