Why Justice Katju took 10 years to reveal about the misdeeds in the judicial system?

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Why Justice Katju took 10 years to open?
Bangalore, July 22: On July 20 this year Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman of Press Council of India made some sensational claims in his blog stating that in the year 2004 a corrupt judge in Madras High Court was given an extension and later a permanent post because he was being backed by a political party.

What Katju said in his blog

In his blog (read here) he said that the UPA, that was at the Centre at that time, compromised on giving an extension to an additional judge of Madras High Court after an ally from Tamil Nadu threatened to pull its support from the UPA.

The accused judges

Katju also said that three former CJIs- Justice RC Lahoti, YK Sabharwal and KG Balakrishnan made compromises and allowed the corrupt judge to continue inspite of corruption charges against him.

On his blog Markandey Katju wrote, "There was an Additional Judge of the Madras High Court against whom there were several allegations of corruption. He had been directly appointed as a District Judge in Tamil Nadu, and during his career as District Judge there were as many as 8 adverse entries against him recorded by various portfolio Judges of the Madras High Court.

But one Acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court by a single stroke of his pen deleted all those 8 adverse entries, and consequently he became an Additional Judge of the High Court."

Katju said that all three ex CJIs made ‘improper compromises.' Kajtu was the Chief Justice of Madras High Court in November 2004 when the incident took place. He said that even the Intelligence Bureau confirmed his allegations of the judge being corrupt.

Meanwhile the revelations come almost ten years later thereby many pointing fingers at Katju saying why were such important details held up for so many years.

Baseless allegations, said Balakrishnan

Balakrishnan, who is embroiled in this controversy, said that the allegations made by Katju were completely baseless.

The Congress that is also embroiled in this controversy as it was at the Centre during the UPA rule had maintained a clear stand. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said: "Keeping in mind the sensitivity, we reserve our right as of now to react."

Former law minister confirms

Meanwhile, Congress leader HR Bhardwaj, who was the Law Minister at the time, confirmed that the judge was backed by a large group of MPs who complained about Justice Katju's opposition.

Why Manmohan Singh is silent?

The BJP government today demanded that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must explain what was going on during his regime as he PM.

With such revelations, it makes one wonder why did Katju not reveal such claims before. Why did he make such revelations ten years later? Though Katju has not said why he took so long, all he said was what he did he was proud of it. [Read: Why Katju was silent for 10 years?]

"No one had he guts to do what I have done," he told an English news channel.

Is Katju trying to impress Narendra Modi now?

Katju had criticised PM Modi in the past over the Gujarat riots of 2002 and the development model in the state during his time as the chief minister. Is Katju now trying to make an impression in the ranks of the current regime?

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