Why Bengalureans are saying "I love fever" while answering a phone call?

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Bengaluru, June 1: Nowadays, a lot of Bengalureans are saying "I love fever" instead of hello while answering a phone call. For many, hearing the co-passenger in a crowded bus saying "I love fever" on his/her mobile is surprising. But such a response is not without a reason.

Popular radio channel Fever 104 FM has started a contest in Bengaluru on May 16 wherein a person can win as much as Rs one lakh four thousand rupees by just saying "I love Fever" when the channel calls him or her up. If he/she doesn't and say something else, the chance gets wasted. The receiver of the call, however, has to register his/her name on a number before the game gets underway.


This contest is not new though. The channel has launched the contest for the first time in Delhi in January 2007 to get closer to more and more listeners. It was started in cities like Bengaluru and Kolkata much later.

In 2009, the radio channel conducted the contest in Bengaluru for the second time and in that year, the listeners had the chance to win gold coins.

Now, what are the lucky ones planning to do with the money? According to Samar (name changed), he will use the money to achieve his long-cherished dream of owning a car. For Mrinalini (name changed), the same will be used for an upgraded holiday plan abroad.

There are also people who missed out. Laxmi (name changed), for instance, did not respond in the desired way when given a call by the radio channel for she was deeply engaged in her work. When she was told that the chance of winning over a lakh went begging, she was left with deep regret.

"Can I get another call please," she requested.

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