What social media is saying about Narendra Modi-Rajinikanth meeting

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NaMo Rajni meet
Bangalore, April 15: The April 13 meeting between BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has earned a massive response in the two popular social media sites, namely, Facebook and Twitter.

Let's have a look at the Facebook numbers first. The photograph of Modi and Rajnikanth hugging each other at the latter's residence in Chennai has been seen by 14,381,056 (14.3 million) people while 1,387,804 (1.3 million) people have interacted with the photograph in terms of likes (1,273,943 or 1.2 million), comments (46,621 or 0.046 million) and shares (67,240 or 0.067 million). These figures are of April 15 afternoon.

Speaking about the Twitter numbers, 5,543 people have interacted with the photograph 6,263 times (till 4.37 pm on April 15). The interaction include 1,343 replies and 4,920 retweets.

Here are some of the sample comments posted on Facebook and Twitter about the meeting between the two icons:

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