What if a candidate is named 'None of the Above'? Facts from the world

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Right to reject: Facts from the world
Bangalore, Sept 27: The Supreme Court on Friday gave a landmark judgment whereby the citizens of India will have the right to reject candidates in the elections.

Some facts about right to reject from across the world:

1. In Serbia, a political party called None of the above was formed in 2010 and it became hugely popular on Facebook. In 2012, the party got one seat in the parliament and aims to form an international movement to achieve a common goal, which is to get rid of corrupt practices.

2. A person named Geoff Richardson in Australia changed his name into 'none of the above' and contested a federal election. This happened in 2007.

3. In 2010, a candidate called Vasiliy Humeniuk changed his name into 'Against all candidates' in the Ukrainian presidential election. 'Against all candidates' is the alternative name of 'none of the above' in Ukraine.

4. In this year's general election in Pakistan, the election commission had first decided that the 'none of the above' option would be given as a voting option but later scrapped the idea, owing to time constraint.

5. A political party named No Candidate Deserves My Vote was set up in the United Kingdom in 2000 and its sole aim was to introduce a bill in the parliament to include a 'none of the above' option in every elections in the future. It wanted to raise more awareness among voters to exercise their ballot. In the 2010 general elections, its candidate received 0.7 per cent of the votes.

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