Bengaluru: Tree poisoned to avoid architectural error

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Bengaluru, Nov 5: At a time where global leaders in unison talk about need for protecting environment, a house owner in Vijayanagara allegedly poisoned a tree for it was causing architectural error (Vastu Dosha) on his building.

A Jumboola tree was found allegedly poisoned by a resident, who erected a house near the tree. It was however noticed by an environmentalist Vijay Nishant after he took note of this tree that was on the verge of dying.

Vijay Nishant

It is said that a man who found the tree obstructing Vastu (traditional system of architecture) is suspected to be poisoned it. Following this tree has been shedding leaves which is untimely.

After noticing the dire condition of the tree environment lover, Nishant was quick to rush to its rescue and is making all efforts to save this ailing tree.

Nishant has posted this unusual incident on facebook page, "Friends of wide life". The post is aimed at spreading awareness on the alarming act and to attract attention of the government to initiate action against perpetrator.

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