The ISIS promise: Sex slaves on earth, virgins in heaven

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Bengaluru, Oct 4: Sex slaves on earth and virgins in heaven. This continues to be the main selling point for the ISIS. The National Investigation Agency which is investigating various cases relating to the ISIS in India has found that time and again it is the same old promise that is made to prospective recruits.

The NIA had two days back busted a module in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and had arrested six people. Another was detained for questioning. After keeping this module on surveillance for nearly 4 months, the NIA arrested the six persons who are today in judicial custody.

Sex slaves one earth- The ISIS promise

Sex slaves on earth and virgins in heaven

Various investigating agencies while scrutinising the chat transcripts of the recruits have found that they were in touch with their handler, Shafi Armar who is the brother of Sultan Armar. The Armar brothers who hail from Bhatkal in Karnataka had defected from the Indian Mujahideen to form the Ansar-ul-Tawhid, a recruiting wing for the ISIS in India.

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Both brothers lure the recruits to join the movement. They say that the recruits should join the Hind camps in either Syria or Iraq. They promise them a good life. Fight for the cause and you will have at your disposal sex slaves.

If you die fighting and attain martyrdom, then you will have at your disposal virgins in heaven, the Armar brothers had also promised.

The recruits are also given the option of staying back in India and carrying out attacks. The Armar brothers would say that the Caliphate under Sheikh Bhagdadi must be established in every part of the world.

If you are able to establish it in India as well as has been done in Iraq and Syria, then consider you have done your job, they would also say.

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