The 'Gundays' and 'Salman Khans' of our democracy

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MLAs show the nation what they got
Bangalore, Feb 19: Parliamentary democracy hit an all time low today when unruly MLAs showed their true colours. First the 'pepper spray incident in the Lok Sabha', and today MLAs in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly came to blows and PDP MLA Syed Bashir slapped a Marshal in the Assembly.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh MLAs did a 'Salman Khan' act as they protested shirtless and raised slogans in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. Some even waved flags, while the governor's address.

Looking at such scenes on the television makes one think 'are these our elected representatives who are supposed to be governing us?' Has the democracy hit an all time low in our country.

Twitter was soon abuzz with people mocking these MLAs some even disappointed with their behaviour.

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