Surgical strike: "Go to Pakistan that is where the proof is"

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Bengaluru, Oct 5: "If people want to play politics with national security, then god bless this country. Do these people want everything out in the open so that the operational details are out there? Those asking for proof must go to the Pakistan side of the Line of Control and look for it themselves."

This is what a visibly agitated C D Sahay, the former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing had to say when asked to comment on the likes of Arvind Kejriwal and Sanjay Nirupam who asked for proof on the surgical strikes carried out by India across the Line of Control.

Surgical strike: Go to Pak for proof

Go to Pakistan, that is where the proof is

How can any one play politics with national security? If they continue to do this then all I have to say is God bless this country. Local politicians want proof of the operation? When a government has sent a firm message to the adversary and the world backs it, you have local politicians asking for proof, Sahay also says.

"The incident took place across the Line of Control. If they so desperately want proof, then they should go to Pakistan and inspect the site for themselves. That is where the proof is. I see people talking about this and writing about it. What do they intend to do? Expose all the operational details?," he says.

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These people do not want to believe the government, they do not want to believe the army. What kind of an attitude is this, Sahay who has spent over 30 years in government service asks.

At first, the entire political leadership backed the government. That resolve, however, evaporated within a week. Now they are just playing politics, Sahay adds.

"When it comes to national security, one should not play politics. I equally and also firmly blame the media. Why should media play out the bytes of these politicians who want to play politics with national security? If the media does not play it up, then who will listen to these people? My advise to the government is stay quiet and do not say anything even if these people are inflicting a thousand cuts," Sahay says.

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"I have been seeing on some private chat groups that people continue to doubt. Some are asking why were only launch pads targeted and why not the base camps. Do these people even know what they are talking about? To target a base camp one needs to go at least a 100 kilometres into Pakistan," he says.

"The intent of this surgical strike was to send a strong message to Pakistan. India has told Pakistan, you bring terrorists to the border, we retain the right to dismantle that threat," Sahay also adds.

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