Restoring normalcy in J&K should priority No. 1

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Bengaluru, Sept 19: Clashes in the Valley that have led to the death of 80 persons and injured over 10,000 has only worsened the situation along the border. The immediate priority should be to restore normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir.

With the army being posted in civilians areas for a prolonged period of time, the borders have been exposed to a large extent as a result of which the infiltrations have risen.

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Restoring normalcy in Valley is imporant

The experts feel that the first priority should be to restore normalcy in the Valley. Once this is done, the army and BSF can completely focus on the borders. This would prevent infiltrations to a large extent and terrorists would find it hard to operate.

Valley boils and borders become vulnerable

In the past 70 days, the army has been used extensively in rural areas of J&K to control the protesters. When the army is on the move it becomes extremely vulnerable to terror strikes or ambushes.

V Balachandran, former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing says that the top priority should be to restore peace in the Valley.

"You cannot make the army do the work of a police man. The borders need more attention where all the infiltration is taking place. It is now time for political will and the civilian leadership to take over," Balachandran also adds.

The problem today in Kashmir is that we are losing the youth who are now part of a leaderless crowd. Civilian leaders are falling prey to a higher rhetoric and there has been a failure of strategic thinking.

Instead of involving the civilian government more, the army is being deployed as a result of which more damage is being inflicted on the soldiers, the former R&AW officer also adds.

"There is no point in overburderning the army. If the army fails, we fail. The attacks on an army camp is never a good sign. It demoralises the force to a great extent and this should be avoided at any cost," Balachandran also says.

It is time to restore peace in the Valley on a priority basis and stop the grandstanding which never gives us any results, the former officer of the R&AW added.

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