Ramya's inclusion into Karnataka ministry will worsen crisis: Congress sources

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Bengaluru, June 23: There appears to be no respite for Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah following the reshuffle of his cabinet. He had dropped 14 and inducted 13 into his ministry.

With the rebellion increasing on one hand, Siddaramaiah has his task cut out. However the other big question is will he fill up the one vacant ministry and if he does who would it be.


There has been a lot of talk in the media that the 14th post may go to film actor and former MP, Ramya.

[Ramya likely to be inducted to Karnataka cabinet after Rahul Gandhi's direction]

However, top Congress sources tell OneIndia that these are just rumours and the focus now is on defusing the crisis. The 14th ministry is likely to be kept vacant and may just be used to re-induct one of the dropped leaders in case the crisis refuses to die down.

Ramya vs Ambareesh:

Some had decided to make it a Ramya vs Ambareesh battle. Both hail from the Vokkaliga community but many in the Congress say it is foolish to compare the support base both have.

Ambareesh is a very popular personality in the Mandya belt of Karnataka and one must not forget that Ramya had lost the last election from the Mandya constituency by 5,518 votes.

Her loss was in fact blamed on Ambareesh by those loyal to S M Krishna, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka. There was a feud between the two factions in Mandya and the loss was blamed on this.

Even if the Congress wants to induct Ramya into the ministry then they would have to ensure that gets elected in the council and at the moment that appears to be difficult.

While there are many who feel that Ramya should be pitched against Ambareesh, a majority however term this move as a foolish one. Ambareesh after being dropped from the ministry has been rebelling and the Congress is finding it hard to contain him.

Already other parties are on the wait list to grab him in a bid to pocket the Vokkaliga votes. In such a scenario if the vacant ministry is given to Ramya then the rebellion will spin out of control.

Congress sources say that inducting Ramya is not the choice of the party immediately. There are various factors that will have to be taken into consideration.

Complaints about her being inaccessible still continue to flow in and this has not gone down well with many. Further the feud between the Ramya and Ambareesh factions is well known.

Who will get the vacant ministry?

At the moment the Congress is in no hurry to fill the vacant slot. The entire machinery is focused on defusing the crisis. When the reshuffle was done, the Congress had decided that it would fill this slot at a later date.

However today the party has kept its options open. It may be filled up in a last ditch attempt to defuse the crisis. Currently the Congress is more worried about Ambareesh.

He continues to be an asset for the party and many feel that he was not handled right. He himself has said that he ought to have been informed instead of being thrown away like a slipper.

Sources say that no promise has been made as yet. However if there is no sign of the rebellion coming down, then the last option would be to give slot 14 back to Ambareesh. It is not final, but it is an option the source also informed.

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