Pics: Bangaloreans cast their votes, what they want from leaders?

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Bangalore, April 17: As the D-Day is upon us, people stepped out of their homes and voted for a change. Youngsters, the elderly everybody were seen queuing outside polling stations across the city even in the early hours today.

OneIndia spoke to a few people, who cast their votes and asked them what were their expectations from the forthcoming government and what they thought of the candidates contesting from Bangalore and new parties like AAP.

Bangalore votes for a change

Krishna Kumar, 50- Want a change in the government. I strongly believe that Modi will bring a change. BJP is a committed party. AAP, on the hand, is a new party with little experience. Modi is a good administrator and will bring a change.

Nilekani is nice but not experienced

Ramdas Rao, 51- We do not vote for a particular candidate but for a party. BJP is a better party. There are good candidates like Nilekani but he is not experienced in politics. We need an experienced party.

AAP should've stuck to Delhi

Gayatri Chandrashekhar, 63- The upcoming government must address issues of price rise, its should be a stable government and must focus on economic growth. Though AAP had a good beginning it has disappointed me now. They should've stuck to Delhi and proven themselves.

Petrol prices must come down

Shwetha, 22- I want a government that takes care of the basic infrastructure like road facilities, transport and also petrol price rise. Before voting I did read up on the candidates from my constituency.

Government must keep up its promises

Anil Paul, 31- Expect the next government to give better transport and road facilities. They must also keep up all their promises. The government must uplift the society and cater to the needs of the common man. AAP is doing a good job.

'Want women empowerment'

Sharon Supriya, 28- I expect the next government to bring in women empowerment. Women must be able to do what they want to without any fear. AAP has been trying to bring a change silently unlike other national parties.

Clean governance needed

Karthik Perumal, 38- A clean governance, control on inflation and an upward growth is needed from the upcoming government.

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