Now Indian hackers unleash surgical strikes on Pakistan cyberspace

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Bengaluru, Oct 7: "You script kiddies of Pakistan, do not touch Indian websites." This was a loud message that a group called the Mallu Cyber Soldiers gave out to Pakistan hackers after the latter hacked a Kerala government site.

Indian hackers have come a long way and have managed to inflict a considerable amount of damage on Pakistani sites.

India, Pak sparr over cyberspace

As one witnesses an escalation of tension along the Line of Control, the sitaution on cyber space is no different. After India announced that it had carried out a surgical strike across the Line of Control, Pakistan hackers burnt the midnight oil to deface Indian sites and also circulate videos trying to prove that the strike was a fake one. They were, however, in for a surprise.

Kiddies don't touch Indian websites

In the aftermath of the surgical strikes, Pakistan hackers claimed that they had defaced at least 7,000 Indian websites. They also circulated fake videos and pictures trying to call the strikes carried out by India fake.

Several patriotic hackers from India launched a massive tirade on Pakistan government systems and took control over nearly 100 sites. This backlash by the Indian hackers put the Pakistani hackers in a spot. Control over the Pakistan sites means that the Indian hackers have control over the data.

One hacker from South India who was instrumental in this counter attack says that they can inflict more damage. However, there is also a risk of counter attacks and such things need to be planned and gauged with care, he says.

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The Pakistanis did make an offer of bitcoins to have the computers released. The offer was, however, rejected by Indians.

Groups from Kerala and Telangana have managed to payback Pakistan. The Indian hackers are particularly concerned about the false propaganda that is being spread by Pakistan. The Indians tracked down a Pakistani account to PoK from which propaganda material was being launched into the web.

The Indian hackers say that this particular hacker was posting content of how Pakistan was preparing for a nuclear attack on India. He also claimed that he had defaced several Indian websites.

In addition to this, he also put out videos and pictures trying to depict the surgical strike as fake. "We have his system now under our control and his offer to have it released by making an offer of bitcoins has been rejected," the Indian hackers say.

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