November 24: Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was published in 1859

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Bengaluru, Nov 24: Today is Monday, November 24, 2014. What happened on this day in history? Oneindia takes a look at the past:

1542: The English force defeated a much bigger Scot outfit in the Battle of Solway Moss.

1642: Abel Tasman discovers Van Diemen's land, later renamed Tasmania.

1859: Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species.

1871: The National Rifle Association is incorporated.

1902: The first Congress of Professional Photographers begins in Paris.

1927: Federal officials battle 1,200 inmates after prisoners in Folsom Prison, California.

1931: Bengali comedian actor Rabi Ghosh is born.

1939: The Gestapo execute 120 students accused of anti-Nazi plotting in Czechoslovakia.

1944: American B-29s bomb Tokyo.

1950: UN troops begin an assault into the rest of North Korea, hoping to end the Korean War.

1961: The UN adopts bans on nuclear arms following protests in the USA.


Indian author and political activist Arundhati Roy is born.

1963: Lee Harvey Oswald, accused in the assassination of US president JF Kennedy, shot fatally.

1977: Greece announces the discovery of the tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

1995: Ireland votes 50.28% to 49.72% to end the 70-year-old ban on divorce.

2008: Indian footballer Peter Thangaraj dies.

2012: Fire in clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, kills over 110 people.

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