No tweets about Modi's visit, Mr Obama! Are you upset with India over emissions?

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Is Prez Obama upset with Modi's India
Bangalore, Oct 1: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has posted a lot of pictures and news of his India visit, US President Barack Obama has not tweeted (@BarackObama) any on the meetings over the last two days.

Obama's tweets largely emphasised on cutting of carbon pollution, something his administration is pursuing aggressively. Is Obama not convinced with New Delhi on this issue and hence prioritised his fight for environment over the meeting with Modi?

That might not be unlikely at all. The environment minister of the new government in New Delhi, Prakash Javadekar, told the New York Times ahead of PM Modi's visit to the USA that India's carbon-dioxide emissions would keep rising for the next three decades and said the international efforts to cut emissions to tackle global warming is more applicable for the developed states.

President Obama has his own calculations behind the call for the drastic reduction in carbon emissions. With just two years left in his final term and not much success achieved at various fronts, the US President will look to make this desperate effort in the realm of environment reforms to go down in history as a statesman worth remembering.

Besides, forcing India to comply with its stand, the Americans will also eye the Indian market and demand in case the Hydroflurocarbons, gases used in refrigerators and air-conditioning, are replaced with a new alternative.

May be the US President doesn't think the maiden visit by Prime Minister Modi to his country served much purpose and hence he decided to ignore it in favour of the issue that he is closely chasing at the moment.

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