No proof that Nehru ordered surveillance on Netaji's family, says Bose's kin

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Bengaluru, April 17: There is no proof that the surveillance on the family of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, as has been recently revealed by declassification of certain files, was instructed by Jawaharlal Nehru, feels Krishna Bose, wife of Subhas Bose's nephew Sisir Kumar Bose and former Trinamool Congress MP. [Will Netaji files be made public?]

In a piece published in Bengali daily Anandabazaar Patrika, Krishna Bose, 84, said the revelations have made Nehru look like Netaji's Dushman Dost (enemy friend) while she had seen in the past how close the two leaders were. [It is not just about Nehru]


"No historian or researcher will accept this claim without a proper proof and investigation. The relation between two famous persons needs to be analysed on the pretext of their work. We have seen the two sharing similar views on political ideologies like leftism and socialism and believed in internationalism. What was there to differentiate," Bose asked in her article. ['Netaji died in 1985 due to natural causes']

Bose although said while Netaji had a conscience of his own and Nehru used to surrender to Mahatma Gandhi whenever there was a difference of opinion, but didn't forget to stress the close bond that the Bose and Nehru had shared. [Govt spied on Netaji's family for 2 decades]

Krishna Bose said authorities surely had some knowledge about the surveillance

Bose said she had read how much worried Bose was for Nehru's ill wife Kamala in Europe. In the 1930s, when Nehru was behind the bars in India, Bose, who was not well himself, went to see an ailing Kamala Nehru. When the British authorities released Nehru and the condition of Kamala Nehru improved, Bose left but for Hofgastein only after asking Nehru to call him if required, said Krishna Bose.

Bose had even made the arrangements for Kamala Nehru's last rites after she passed away in Lausanne in Switzerland in February 1936. The two friends came very close at that time and Bose had even spoke to Nehru about political plans.

The gap had widened at the time of the Tripuri Congress in 1939 but even then, the two had a clear communication over issues of difference, said Krishna Bose. While Nehru admitted the flaws in him after Bose accused of being indecisive at crucial moments, he also responded to an unwell Bose's call to meet him to discuss political strategy.

Krishna Bose, whose son Sugata Bose now represents the former's constituency Jadavpur in Lok Sabha, said secrecy gives birth to all forms of rumour. The truth should be out to settle all doubt, she said.

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