Narendra Modi engages with NRIs in USA for the big battle of 2014

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Bangalore, Sept 22: BJP's prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, early on Sunday morning addressed a large gathering of non-resident Indians at the National Convention of the OFBJP-USA being organised in Tampa Florida in the USA via a video conference link.

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Condemning terror attack in Nairobi shopping mall

Modi began his speech on a sad note, condemning the ghastly terror attack that took place in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday. Two Indians, including a child, were also among the 39 killed in the attack. One hundred and fifty people, including six Indians, were also injured in the attack. In his opening note, Modi said there should not be any double standards on terrorism and all such acts should be judged by the same yardstick across the globe.

He thanked the OFBJP-USA for organising the event and lauded the Indian diaspora for its efforts at contributing to the motherland in various ways over the years. The leader also recalled the days when Atal Vihari Vajpayee's National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government was in power and like the former regime which had taken initiatives to bring the Indian diaspora closer to India, sought to reconnect the NRIs with the NDA.

Modi said the BJP will contest the LS polls on the basis of its performance

He drew the diaspora's attention to the political juncture at which India finds itself at the moment and strongly backed the BJP-led NDA's claim to topple the current United Progessive Alliance (UPA) government led by the Congress from power.

Praising BJP governments and leaders

The occasion also saw all BJP-led governments and current and former chief ministers being individually praised as Modi wanted to project the stark contrast between his party and the Congress when it comes to commitment towards issues like governance and development.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>Urged all NRIs holding Indian passport to register themselves to vote. Every voter is a Bhagya Vidhata of Bharat! <a href=""></a></p>— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) <a href="">September 22, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>Lets work together & make Mission 272+ a reality! Requesting all to register on <a href=""></a> & enrich it with your contribution.</p>— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) <a href="">September 22, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>Addressed Indian Diaspora via video conf at OFBJP-USA Convention in Tampa. Appreciate OFBJP for organizing this. <a href=""></a></p>— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) <a href="">September 22, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

"BJP will fight on the basis of performance"

Accusing the Congress of indulging in negative politics, Modi said the BJP will contest the Lok Sabha elections on the basis of the performance of the states that it rules.

"2014 election will be like that of 1977"

Modi hoped that the next Lok Sabha polls, like that of 1977, will reflect the voice of the people of India. "This government, which has downgraded the country, has to go. Let us affirm that this government has to go democratically. We should work for a progressive BJP Government," Modi said, adding: "This election is not about any post, but to wipe the tears of the poor."

Accuses UPA of shattering dreams

Modi said it was during the NDA regime that the world had seen India as a nation with great promises but the dream was shattered after the NDA lost power.

Slams authorities over the Uttarakhand disaster

Modi questioned why no scrutiny took place after the Uttarakhand disaster in June starting with the factors that caused it and also post-disaster steps like disaster response, relief and rehabilitation. He said the fight against an alleged Congress-media-NGO nexus will have to go beyond just winning the elections.

Lauds party workers

Praising the Karyakartas (party workers) of the BJP, Modi said that it is them who is the actual strength of the BJP and enabled the party to get a chance to serve the people within a short time since its formation.

"LS polls will be about people's manifesto"

Modi said the next Lok Sabha election will be "about the manifesto of the people who want peace and prosperity not the manifesto of parties".

Asking diaspora to contribute to the battle of 2014

The BJP's PM candidate finally explained how the Indian diaspora could contribute to the big fight of 2014. He asked the NRIs to engage with their family, friends and community in the country on the key issues of the next election. He also urged them to emphasise the significance of governance and development in the polls by delving into their own experiences of living in the developed world.

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