Nandan Nilekani gears up with Congress for Lok Sabha elections

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Question and Answer with Nandan Nilekani
Bangalore, Jan 10: Nandan Nilekani, chairman of UIDAI and co-founder of Infosys, on Friday said he is ready to contest the Lok Sabha polls.

"Certainly. I believe I should do something on the political front. If Congress gives me a ticket, I will contest (the Lok Sabha election this year)," he told reporters

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Here are the excerpts from the Question and Answer round while addressing youngsters at the Christ University, Bangalore.

Question: Are you planning to enter politics and contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections?

Answer: I would definitely want to (contest in the elections). I believe that in India, the biggest change can be brought about through politics and I want to be there.

Question: The condition of Congress is not very good right now. Why do you want to join hands with them?

Answer: The Congress invited me to take up the Aadhar project and they have always given me unconditional support without any questions. I believe that I will be able to take up the work that I want, with them.

Bangalore needs urgent answers from us: Nandan Nilekani

Question: Why is Aadhar necessary when there are many other identity proofs like election cards, passport, driving license, etc already available?

Answer: There are many identity proofs but none of them are on the ground level which everybody from the elite to middle class, rich to poor, urban to rural people have in common. But every citizen, no matter where they belong to, will be having Aadhar card which will be valid for everything.

Question: Don't you think there are chances of the biomatrix data being misused if gone in the wrong hands?

Answer: Yes. That fear is always there. But we have used top class security while storing the details of everyone. It is highly impossible that the data will be leaked and go in wrong hands. High precaution has been taken about this issue.

Question: There is a lot of critisism about Aadhar. Even your colleagues have not supported it. What do you have to say on that?

Answer: Yes there is a lot of critisism. But I feel I'm the representative of crores of Indians who do not have any identity proofs in return to which, they do not get any benefits that they deserve and which is their right. So I cannot allow some critisism to stop me from helping those people.

Question: You want to develop Bangalore. But the entire city is in the hands of BBMP which is broke and running into debts. What will you do?

Answer: I agree. But as they say, nothing is impossible and let's see what we can do about this. First let me contest. We will solve that problem also.

Question: Your colleagues have joined hands with the Aam Aadmi Party. What will you do if they contest opposite you?

Answer: (laughs) Every citizen of India has the right to contest in polls from any party and stand against anyone.

Question: Are you ready to contest for the post of PM in the upcoming elections?

Answer: (laughs again) Let me enter politics first. We'll see about that later.

Regarding AAP, Nilekani says that he's happy that the party has been formed and that India needs more people to join politics and do something for the country. On AAP taking public opinion, he says that SMS poll doesn't work in all matters. Kashmir is a national issue and cannot be solved through opinion polls. "It is important when and where you use public opinion," he says.

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