Man running ISIS account picked up by Bengaluru Police

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Bengaluru, Dec 13: Mehdi Masroor Biswas alleged to be running the @shammiwitness account has been picked up by the Bengaluru Police. He was questioned by the central intelligence team late in the night as reported first by Oneindia.

His arrest will be made public at 1 pm.

Mehdi picked up by Bengaluru Police

Sources say that he has been saying that his account was hacked. He would be further questioned. He is said to have been picked up from Jalahalli in North Bangalore.

How mehdi walked into the trap

His cover would have never been blown. It was a well set trap that Mehdi Masroor Biswas walked into before the world knew who @shamiwitness was.

Bangalore police sources who arrested him told Oneindia that he had falled trap.

At first when he was contacted by the journalists from Channel 4 he was unaware of who he was speaking with. He was told that they were British fighters and they were extremely proud of the work he was doing on Twitter.

He fell for it and started trusting them. During the course of the various conversations he was asked why he chose to sit where he was and instead he should be joining them.

To this he replied that he would have loved to, but then he had his family to support. He did this by blowing his own cover and it was discovered that he hails from West Bengal and has been tweeting from Bangalore.

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