LS poll 2014 Phase 9: Know 2009 results in UP constituencies

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Bangalore, May 11: Eighteen consituencies in Uttar Pradesh will go to the election on May 12, besides 17 in West Bengal and six in Bihar. Here are the 2009 results in the 18 UP seats.

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State: Uttar Pradesh

Constituencies: 18

Domariyaganj: In 2009, Congress's Jagadambika Pal defeated BJP's Jai Pratap Singh by 76,566 votes (difference in vote-share was 10.4%)

Maharajganj: In 2009, BJP's Lalji Tandon defeated Congress's Rita Bahuguna Joshi by 40,901 votes (difference in vote-share was 7%)

Gorakhpur: In 2009, BJP's Adityanath defeated BSP's Vinay Shankar Tiwari by 2,20,271 votes (difference in vote-share was 29.4%)

Kushinagar: In 2009, Congress's Ku. Ratanjeet Pratap Narayan Singh defeated BSP's Swami Prasad Maurya by 21,094 votes (difference in vote-share was 2.9%)

Deoria: In 2009, BSP's Gorakh Prasad Jaiswal defeated BJP's Shri Prakash Mani Tripathi by 41,779 votes (difference in vote-share was 5.8%)

Bansgaon (SC): In 2009, BJP's Kamlesh Paswan defeated BSP's Shree Nath Ji by 52,787 votes (difference in vote-share was 8.1%)

Lalganj (SC): In 2009, BSP's Dr Baliram defeated BJP's Neelam Sonkar by 39,948 votes (difference in vote-share was 6.1%)

Azamgarh: In 2009, BJP's Ramakant Yadav defeated BSP's Akbar Ahmad Dumpy by 49,039 votes (difference in vote-share was 7%)

Ghosi: In 2009, BSP's Dara Singh Chauhan defeated SP's Arshad Jamal Ansari by 60,945 votes (difference in vote-share was 8%)

Salempur: In 2009, BSP's Ramashankar Rajbhar defeated Congress's Dr. Bhola Pandey by 18,305 votes (difference in vote-share was 2.9%)

Ballia: In 2009, SP's Neeraj Shekhar defeated BSP's Sangram Singh Yadav by 72,555 votes (difference in vote-share was 10.7%)

Jaunpur: In 2009, BSP's Dhananjay Singh defeated SP's Paras Nath Yadava by 80,351 votes (difference in vote-share was 10.5%)

Machhlishahr (SC): In 2009, SP's Tufani Saroj defeated BSP's Kamla Kant Gautam by 24,306 votes (difference in vote-share was 3.4%)

Ghazipur: In 2009, SP's Radhey Mohan Singh defeated BSP's Afzal Ansari by 69,309 votes (difference in vote-shar e was 9.0%)

Chandauli: In 2009, SP's Ramkishun defeated BSP's Kailash Nath Singh Yadav by 459 votes (difference in vote-share was 0.1%)

Varanasi: In 2009, BJP's Murli Manohar Joshi defeated BSP's Mukhtar Ansari defeated by 17,211 votes (difference in vote-share was 2.6%)

Mirzapur: In 2009, SP's Bal Kumar Patel defeated BSP's Anil Kumar Maurya by 19,682 votes (difference in vote-share was 2.7%)

In 2009, SP's Pakauri Lal defeated BSP's Ram Chandra Tyagi by 50,259 votes (difference in vote-share was 8.4%)

In 2009, of the 28 seats going to election on May 12, the SP had won 6 seats, the BJP and BSP had won 5 seats each and the Congress 2 seats.

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