Looks like our Mars Orbiter is having fun up there with other satellites!

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Mars Orbiter having fun up there?
Bangalore, Sep 26: India's Mars Orbiter Mission which made history by entering the Martian orbit on September 24, is apparently enjoying the company of other Mars missions, according to their tweets!

On Friday, @MarsOrbiter had a good word for @NASAVoyager. The Indian Mars Orbiter Mission' (MOM) Mangalyaan tweeted: "The bravest of us all @NASAVoyager , having ventured out the farthest. We're here for you."

A lovely bonhomie is taking place in outer space on the Mars orbit. When MOM arrived on the Mars orbit, the European space Agency's @esaoperations tweeted a picture of the planet.

"Welcome @MarsOrbiter from ESA's Mars Express! Looking forward to exploring #Mars w/you! Here's an arrival day pic,"@esaoperations said. Of course, MOM was happy.

"Wow! Your pic made my day. Excited to have an explorer buddy. @esaoperations ." @MarsOrbiter tweeted in response.

India on Wednesday successfully placed its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) in the Red Planet's orbit. India now stands proudly with countries like US, USSR and European Space agency who have succeeded in doing the same.

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