A look at Sept 13 bypoll results: Who won what & from whom

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Bangalore, Sept 16: Here is a look at the results in the bypolls that took place in three Lok Sabha and 33 assembly seats in 10 seats on September 13, 2014, and also a comparison with the previous results in these seats:

Gujarat 2014 LS poll2014 bypolls
VadodaraBJP won by 5,70,128 votesBJP won by 3,29,000 votes
Uttar Pradesh 2014 LS poll2014 bypolls
MainpuriSP won by 3,64,666 votesSP won by 3,00,000 votes
Telangana 2014 LS poll2014 bypolls
MedakTRS won by 3,97,029 votesTRS won by over 3,61,277 votes
Uttar Pradesh (11 seats) 2012 assembly poll2014 bypoll
Saharanpur NagarBJP won by 12,626 votesBJP won by 26,667 votes
BijnorBJP won by 17,836 votes
SP won by 11,567 votes
ThakurdwaraBJP won by 37,974 votes
SP won by 27,743 votes
NoidaBJP won by 27,676 votes
BJP won by 49,927 votes
NighasanBJP won by 31,039 votes
SP won by 45,976 votes
Lucknow EastBJP won by 20,818 votes
BJP won by 18,000 votes
HamirpurBJP won by 7,824 votes
SP won by 68,556 votes
CharkariBJP won by 25,265 votes
SP won by 50,805 votes
SirathuBJP won by 9,863 votes
SP won by 24,522 votes
BalhaBJP won by 19,928 votes
SP won by 25,181 votes
RohaniyaApna Dal won by 17,583 votes
SP won by 7,805 votes
Gujarat (9 seats)2012 assembly poll2014 bypoll
DeesaBJP won by 17,706 votesCong won by 10,394 votes
ManinagarBJP won by 86,373 votesBJP won by 49,652 votes
TankaraBJP won by 15,407 votesBJP won by 11,731 votes
KhambaliaBJP won by 38,382 votesCong won by 1,277 votes
MangrolBJP won by 31,106 votesCong won by 22,682 votes
TalajaBJP won by 32,844 votesBJP won by 9,518 votes
AnandBJP won by 987 votesBJP won by 5,243 votes
MatarBJP won by 6,487 votesBJP won by 8,610 votes
Limkheda (ST)
BJP won by 15,331 votesBJP won by 23,934 votes
Rajasthan (4 seats)2013 assembly poll2014 bypoll
SurajgarhBJP won by 50,219 votesCong won by 3,270 votes
Weir (SC)
BJP won by 13,423 votesCong won by 25,108 votes
NasirabadBJP won by 28,900 votesCong won by 386 votes
Kota SouthBJP won by 49,439 votesBJP won by 25,707 votes
Assam (3 seats)2011 assembly poll2014 bypoll
SilcharCongress won by 14,011 votesBJP won by 37,441 votes
LakhipurCongress won by 30,078 votesCong won by 16,569 votes
JamunamukhAIUDF won by 12,726 votesAIUDF won by 22,959 votes
West Bengal (2 seats)2011 assembly poll2014 bypoll
Basirhat DakshinCPI(M) won by 12,400 votes
 BJP won by 1,586 votes
ChowrangeeTMC won by 57,739 votes
TMC won by 14,344 votes
Andhra Pradesh
(1 seat)
2014 assembly poll2014 bypoll
NandigamaTDP won by 5,074 votesTDP won by 74,827 votes
Sikkim (1 seat)2014 assembly poll2014 bypoll
Rangang - YangangSDF won by 3,142 votesIndpendent won by 708 votes
Chhattisgarh (1 seat)2013 assembly poll2014 bypoll
AntagarhBJP won by 5,171 votesBJP won by nearly 60,000 votes
Tripura (1 seat)2013 assembly poll2014 bypoll
ManuCPI(M) won by 6,896 votesCPI(M) won by 15,971 votes

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